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A new trailer’s been shown for Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns and it’s one that Nintendo fans won’t want to miss. Featuring the game’s crossover Mario costumes, it gives both a look at the outfits and the enhancements they’ll provide. Dressing as Mario will speed up players running speed, Luigi’s clothes will up your fishing skills, Peach’s dress will lead to you being able to befriend characters more easily, and Toad’s outfit will recharge your stamina to make farming less strenuous. You can check out these helpful Mushroom Kingdom shoutouts below.


That’s not the only good news coming with today’s update, though. We previously reported that the localization of Trio of Towns DLC may be in jeopardy. In today’s update to the company blog, it appears the feedback of fans has lead to confirmation that XSEED will be releasing stateside after all. While there are no details on pricing or timing, it’s great to know players won’t be missing out. Noting how thankful the people over at XSEED were to have so many voices speak up on the matter, it’s a great example of a company giving the people what they want.

For more in this update, you can check out the official Story of Seasons localization blog. And remember, Trio of Towns will be out on the 3DS on February 28th– which is only a few days away!

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Written by Ricky Berg

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