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As always seems to be the case with new Nintendo hardware, getting a Switch on launch day may be a tricky proposition for some. Thankfully, those who missed the pre-order window in the US have an alternative option, as GameStop will have a limited number available for walk-in customers.

These will almost certainly go quickly, so GameStop is encouraging those who didn’t pre-order to head to midnight launch events around the country on March 3rd to secure a system.

Two limited bundles will also be available online via, though they aren’t live yet. There’ll be a $429.99 bundle that includes the Switch, Breath of the Wild and a Pro Controller, as well as a $454.99 option that adds the official Breath of the Wild strategy guide. We’ll try to let you know via Twitter when these bundles go live, but they’ll undoubtedly go fast!

Source: GameStop PR

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Written by Tom Brown

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