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GameXplain has released a video showcasing all of the amiibo boxes, giving us our first view of what each amiibo will do in-game.



The Guardian

The Guardian amiibo unlocks a score of rare weapons and items, including what is being dubbed as “anti-Guardian arrows.”


The Bokoblin amiibo unlocks weapons and items. The weapons unlocked appear to be tied to the Bokoblin and include a selection of clubs.

Rider Link

Once again, this amiibo unlocks weapons and items. (Noticing a trend here?) This time, you can unlock a sword and a saddle for your tamed horse.


Zelda unlocks rare equipment. The image pictures shows a shield with a Hylian Crest on it, which is pretty cool!

Archer Link

More rare weapons for this amiibo. The item featured is a pretty snazzy looking bow.

That’s all for now! We’ll be testing out all five of the Breath of the Wild amiibo in detail when the game launches on March 3rd, so stay tuned!

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Written by Jason Ganos

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  1. Jennifer Burch

    Little bummed at the functionality. Sort of wishing they still do more in game (like unlock extra Forget Me Not memory flowers, but the scenes are gags of specific memories). Maybe they’ll implement something *new* for the game’s DLC.

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  2. Jon B
    Jon B says:

    Aw man, more really pretty but rather useless amiibo. I don’t know that I have enough money to justify buying these, particularly the Guardian and Bokoblin since I can’t even use them in Smash Bros. Not to mention that I already have five Link amiibo and two Zelda amiibo, so I’m not in a hurry to get seven and three.

    Reply →
  3. Georgina Perez

    Looks like I need to get two sets of these, one set for display and one for open use. Interesting no function for the guardian amiibo…..

    Rating: 5
    Reply →
  4. Darkgreyfire says:

    If you have the original Link amiibo, it gives you the legit fully upgraded Epona with a royal crest saddle.

    Reply →