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As we inch even closer to the release of the Nintendo Switch on March 3rd, it seems like pieces of news and new trailers are dropping every day. Today we’ve been treated to two new TV Spots via Nintendo’s Japanese YouTube Channel, showcasing three games total.

The first video showcases the variety of the Switch’s portability and multiplayer options, featuring a quick gameplay segment of Dragon Quest Heroes, showing a player going from TV Mode to Handheld Mode and playing in a circle with his friends, each with their own Switch. The trailer then shows us two friends sitting down at a table, their respective Switches in Tabletop Mode, going head-to-head in FIFA 18. We also get our first look at the Switch version of FIFA 18, which is being custom built for Nintendo’s new console.

You can view the new TV spot below:


The second TV spot we’ve seen today is another trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It’s a quick 30 seconds, showing off Link on his adventures around the vast Hyrule landscape, while also featuring characters towards the end, both familiar and unfamiliar. The whole trailer contains footage we’ve seen before; it’s just recut into a short TV Spot, although I can’t say I’m disappointed. There’s only so much Nintendo can show off at this point, two weeks before release.

The TV spot can be viewed below:


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