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As if the news about the just-announced Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass (DLC) wasn’t enough, we also got to feast our eyes on some brand new Zelda art this morning. Nintendo’s been sending out a pretty consistent flow of art in a similar style over the past year– Link, Zelda and other characters painted with wispy brushstrokes in various soft palettes of blue, green and gold. While the colors themselves aren’t exactly new for the series’ representation, the technique used in all of the imagery is a fresh look at characters who have been around for over two decades.

The paint style isn’t the only detail we’ve been noticing (and appreciating) though. The falling petals in this newest illustration has us reflecting back on the blossoming flowers present in the Breath of the Wild logo as well.

The logo flower is a tiny piece of a big picture, yet its very presence helps set the title apart from previous games in the series while keeping the theme of venturing out into nature intact. It’s no surprise that we’re seeing a similar element in petal form in this new illustration. An added detail like this is what helps Nintendo shine.

Download the gorgeous new illustration in all its hi-res glory here!

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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

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