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A new Famitsu interview with Splatoon 2 producer Hisashi Nogami has revealed tons of new information about Splatoon 2.

The interview, originally published in the magazine’s latest issue and translated from Japanese by Nintendo Everything, includes details on plenty of new features set to appear in the game.

According to the interview, new weapons will be introduced in installments for a long period of time after the game is released, just like in the original title. Not only that, but there will be a greater variety of weapons at launch than gamers saw with the original Splatoon.

A look at Splatoon 2’s new stage, Musselforge Fitness.

All-new special weapons are also being introduced and sub-weapons will be revised. All of the main weapons from the first game will return, with some slight variations.

As for the Splat Chargers, a new feature has been uncovered through the Squid Research Lab. Squids can now dive into the ink and retain their weapon’s charge shot. If one waits too long, however, the charge shot will expire.

A new sub-weapon, the Curling Bomb, displays a meter on the top of a rock. This lets the player control when the rock will explode by letting them hold onto it for a period of time before sending it on its way. If the rock hits an enemy before exploding, it will only knock them back — not splat them.

Nogami says he would like Splatoon 2 to be a fresh start for all players, which is why they have only included all-new special weapons. Strategies revolve around the use of special weapons, so changing them will also change the fundamental strategies involving the normal weapons. Nogami confirmed the plan is to have more than seven special weapons, which will surpass the total number of specials from the original Splatoon.

Another new tool, the Inkjet, will allow players to fly over previously impassable walls to enter enemy territory. It’s worth remembering that after the Inkjet timer runs out, players will return to the spot from which they took off.

It’s also been confirmed that hairstyles and pants will function just like eye colors and skintones from the original Splatoon. They can be changed at any time and don’t alter the abilities of players’ characters. Headgear, clothing and shoes will still have the abilities players are used to.

HD Rumble will also be utilized in Splatoon 2, and the developers are looking to create the most unique and accurate sensations possible with the technology.

Nintendo Switch owners will be able to get their hands on Splatoon 2 in Summer 2017, with the Global Testfire demo hitting systems March 24th to March 26th.

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