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A new gameplay video has been released for Splatoon 2, showing off the entirety of one Turf War taking place at The Reef, a new map that looks very similar to Urchin Underpass from the original game.

There are a few points worth noting from this new look at the anticipated sequel. First of all, the new music for both the introduction to the fight and the final minute of the battle was very apparent, as well as the new font and layouts of the UI throughout the match. The scoring system seems to have been slightly altered, as the player accumulated points at a much higher rate than in the original Splatoon.

One of the new specials, the Tenta Missiles, was also shown. When deployed, this weapon fires missiles high into the sky that drop down and explode about 30 feet in front of the spot they were deployed.

Splatoon 2 is scheduled to launch in Summer 2017 for Nintendo Switch.

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Written by Logan Plant

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