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Nintendo UK recently put Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma to the test and tasked him with a truly appropriate undertaking: to venture out into the wintry terrain in search of the Master Sword of Resurrection. Not only did he complete the journey (which we have to applaud after watching him fight the bitter cold), but Nintendo captured the experience through a series of photos and videos. There’s really no better way to continue the countdown for Breath of the Wild’s release!

Nintendo UK set the stage by giving us a sense of the cold terrain Aonuma traversed for his adventure. And before we knew it, he came across some familiar amiibo faces.

Somehow, seeing him in action alongside Link and the Guardian amiibo makes us itch for the upcoming releases even more so than before. How’s that even possible?

Aonuma then showed us his smooth archery moves against the Guardian (amiibo) with this next video short.


After all his adventures (which, yes, even led him into an encounter with a Bokoblin), Aonuma at long last accomplished one of the most exciting feats in all Zelda games: he discovered the Master Sword.


Personally, we’re enjoying the fact that the legendary sword is so tiny!

We can’t help but appreciate the natural charm woven into Nintendo’s smaller projects that reach out to fans by bringing together favorite franchises and company personalities. It’s the personal tug at the heartstrings that sets Nintendo apart from its competitors. Nothing in the world can quite compare!

You can view Aonuma’s entire adventure over on the Nintendo UK site. Even if today doesn’t exactly offer you a bunch of free time, this read and watch will be completely worth it– guaranteed.

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