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Martial arts students still tired of waxing Mr. Miyagi’s car take note: Secret Scrolls successor Flying Warriors is coming to the North American Wii U Virtual Console tomorrow!

Released back in 1991 on the NES and deeply inspired by its predecessor Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll, players assume control of Shorinji Kempo warrior Rick Stalker in a relatively similar tale of defying odds, overcoming evil and saving the day. Core components of the game are broken up into Journey, Battle and Command phases, providing a curious blend of traditional 2D side-scroller platforming, fighter mechanics and RPG-style combat. This jack of all trades, master of none approach does manage to provide some unique and interesting ideas from time to time, but ultimately falls short of producing anything truly memorable due to the shallow nature of their approach. Thankfully, many of the shortcomings plaguing the original have been attentively addressed, with much more tolerable controls, enhanced visuals and fluid animations making the cut. It may not be a true classic in every sense of the word, but Flying Warriors is still worth the price admission for anyone craving relatively realistic and exciting martial arts battles.

Flying Warriors will be available tomorrow, January 25th, for $4.99.

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Written by Matthew Weidner

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