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Have you made your daily visit to Nintendo’s site today? If so, you may have noticed an interesting little change made to the homepage: the Switch has officially replaced the Wii U under the category that displays the company’s staple systems.

While this update should come as no surprise (with the Switch’s release day coming in just weeks), seeing the previous system switched out (pun intended) so quickly still feels a bit… weird.

It might also be worth noting that the 3DS still holds its spot on the homepage, nestled right in between the Switch and the 2DS. Nintendo’s iterated on several occasions that while the Switch acts as both a home console and a portable device, it primarily falls under the category of the home console– so for now, the 3DS remains. That said, this system lineup seems like a strong visual representation of the sentiment.

Thanks to corcotorco on Reddit for the heads up!

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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

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