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While I Am Setsuna launched last summer on multiple platforms, it may yet find its core audience thanks to an imminent Switch port. A spiritual successor to the likes of Chrono Trigger, it features a very unique and snowy aesthetic with battles that take a turn-based action approach, with characters teaming up to deliver punishing moves.

These battles will be even more important in the Switch version too, thanks to the addition of free DLC that enables a Player Vs. Player mode. While you won’t face off live against opponents, after a certain point in the story you’ll be able to head into an Arena of Time where you can upload your fighting data and download your opponents’. Presumably it’ll check for your party, most used moves and various other variable tactics and create an appropriate CPU team.

I Am Setsuna will launch alongside the Switch in Japan, while in North America and Europe it has a tentative “March” release window. We’ll be sure to bring you more coverage if further Switch features are announced.

Source: Gematsu

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Written by Tom Brown

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