Despite rumors indicating that Nintendo gamers would see the announcement of Mother 3 for the Switch during last night’s presentation, no such news came out of the event; however, Nintendo of America President and CEO Reggie Fils-Aimé has acknowledged the game’s demand, as well as the demand for a new title in the Metroid series.

“Oh, so earlier today I got asked about Mother 3; maybe you can ask me about Metroid,” said Fils-Aimé in an interview with GameSpot. “Look, again, I am proud as an executive with Nintendo to say that we look at all of the boards and all of the comments and we really have a good understanding of what our consumers want. And believe me, we take that to heart as we work to create content.”

Mother 3 was first released in 2006 as a Game Boy Advance follow-up to 1994’s critically-acclaimed JRPG EarthBound.

The game was only released in Japan, causing years’ worth of clamoring from fans for Nintendo to release it in Western territories.

“…I have nothing to announce–here,” Fils-Aimé continued. “But we are aware that there are some key IP that consumers just can’t wait for the next true installment in that franchise’s legacy. Suffice it to say, we’re aware of it, and talk to me in a year and let’s look back and see what’s happened.”

Fils-Aimé also added that he believes the Switch needs “a regular cadence of critical launches to drive the install base and keep the consumer base engaged.”

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Written by Daniel Dell-Cornejo

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