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13:49 CST: And on that incredibly bizarre note, it’s the end of the Treehouse Stream! More Switch info is no doubt going to come in waves now the release date is set, so all of us here at Nintendo Wire will be sure to keep you guys informed!

13:45 CST: There are a few 1 player games, like Eating Contest. In this game you hold the Joy-Con IR sensor a certain distance from your mouth and quickly open and close it to eat digital foods as fast as possible.

13:40 CST: Table-Tennis is exactly what it sounds like, although you essentially have to imagine the ball and it’s purely based on timing.

13:37 CST: Samurai Training has you grabbing your opponent’s non-existent sword before it cleaves your head in twain.

13:33 CST: Copy Dance has you copying the other player’s poses.

13:30 CST: Milk is a minigame where you milk a cow while staring into the eyes of your opponent.

13:26 CST: Each game will start with a quirky FMV showing off how it’s played.

13:24 CST: And we’re back for the final segment – 1-2 Switch!

13:12 CST: Miyamoto hopes we all have fun with Super Mario Odyssey! Next up is 1-2 Switch.

13:11 CST: Created by the team behind all of the 3D Mario games, deliberately designed the game to go back to their roots.

13:10 CST: Mario will visit various locations based on areas in the real world, as well as more surreal locations.

13:08 CST: They bring up the more difficult camera controls of Super Mario Sunshine, and how the technology and techniques have evolved since. Super Mario Odyssey will have easier camera controls.

13:07 CST: Miyamoto is talking about how his escaped hamster inspired Super Mario 64. Yes, really.

13:04 CST: After Super Mario Maker and Run were more casual oriented, Odyssey was designed for core gamers.

13:03 CST: Miyamoto brings up how their Mario games have fluctuated between accessible and more difficult over the years.

12:59 CST: We’re back to have a look at Mario!

12:53 CST: Breath of the Wild footage is over. 1, 2 Switch is next following some other information.

12:52 CST: Horses you own can be killed by enemies.

12:51 CST: Weather conditions affect ease of traversing the world.

12:46 CST: Many different ways to get on your horse — not just from the sides.

12:45 CST: Fine-tuned bow-and-arrow aiming can be achieved with any Switch controller.

12:44 CST: Can jump off horses and enter slo-mo.

12:43 CST: Once you register a wild horse, you can put on saddles and gain the ability to blow a whistle to call it.

12:41 CST: Once you clear any Shrine, you gain abilities and it becomes a warp point.

12:38 CST: NPCs may use stables as “bases” and congregate there. Good spots to gather information.

12:37 CST: Once you give food to wild animals, they’ll follow you and can become tame this way.

12:36 CST: Epona’s Song arrangement playing in the background near the stable!

12:35 CST: Once registered, you can name your horse and if it is ever lost, it can be returned to you.

12:34 CST: At stables, you can register wild horses by paying Rupees.

12:33 CST: Link can tame wild horses. Once they are tame, they can run without needing guidance by the player.

12:32 CST: At first, wild horses won’t be used to Link, so they may disobey him.

12:31 CST: Link must sneak up on a horse quietly to effectively mount it.

12:28 CST: Miyamoto and Aonuma join the stream for the Breath of the Wild segment.

12:23 CST: Has-Been Heroes is now wrapping up. Breath of the Wild “with some special guests” is up next!

12:22 CST: Very, very large number of spells to unlock.

12:16 CST: With HD Rumble in the Joy-Con, you can feel sensory feedback from monsters and movement.

12:15 CST: Features “old-school bosses who are … impossible to beat.” Monsters summoned by featured boss will result in units instantly dying.

12:12 CST: Game auto-pauses before every attack to allow for strategizing.

12:11 CST: The further along in the game you get, monsters will change and get stronger, meaning strategy involving attacks must evolve.

12:10 CST: Very strategy-based game. Procedurally-generated world map.

12:10 CST: Mage, rogue and warrior-type characters confirmed.

12:09 CST: Units are placed in lanes, which they must protect. Can use melee attacks and spells.

12:08 CST: And we’re back with Has-Been Heroes!

12:04 CST: Has-Been Heroes is up next.

12:02 CST: Players work together to fill in shapes on-screen but
“cutting” each other’s characters.

12:00 CST: Another puzzle involves popping balloons — some on the ground, others floating in the air. Game “rewards creative thinking” regarding how to cut your characters to solve puzzles.

11:58 CST: Another mode sees players working together to solve stage puzzles, like sharpening a pencil.

11:58 CST: Players work together to fill in shapes on-screen but
“cutting” each other’s characters.

11:57 CST: Other cooperative games, including trying to sink a basketball into a hoop together.

11:53 CST: Puzzle game. Players overlap their characters to “cut” them to fit in the on-screen shape outlines.

11:52 CST: Supports 1 to 4 players.

11:51 CST: Players work together to fill in shapes on-screen but
“cutting” each other’s characters.

11:50 CST: Snipperclips being shown.

11:46 CST: New IP being shown next.

11:46 CST: Fire Emblem Warriors Direct next week — January 18th at 2:00 p.m. PST.

11:41 CST: Ultra Street Fighter II is over. Quick announcement coming up!

11:34 CST: Future announcements will be made for additional game modes prior to launch.

11:32 CST: Violent Ken is “easier for beginners.”

11:31 CST: Violent Ken and Evil Ryu are the two new characters. Two-player co-op mode is also available.

11:26 CST: Two new characters included in addition to some other changes.

11:23 CST: HD or classic graphics available to use. Local multiplayer.

11:21 CST: Ultra Street Fighter II trailer is playing.

11:11 CST: Next up is Ultra Street Fighter II!

11:08 CST: 200cc mode is included in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe!

10:57 CST: Some battle courses have anti-gravity sections.

10:53 CST: Bob-Omb Blast has you pop each other players balloons to get points. You can hold down the button to throw the bombs different distances. You can’t blow yourself up with your own bombs, either.

10:52 CST: The Splatoon Battle Course is based on Urchin Underpass, has ink that slows you down.

10:50 CST: Two items at once, plus the return of the Boo and Feather items.

10:48 CST: When playing on the TV the game runs at 1080p/60fps.

10:46 CST: Two new karts themed on Splatoon, one based on the Clown Car.

10:46 CST: It will include new karts, new characters, and a new battle mode.

10:45 CST: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is here!

10:36 CST: And next up we’ll have Mario Kart 8 Deluxe!

10:35 CST: Super Bomberman R is a launch game! Will get a physical release.

10:33 CST: The multiplayer is classic Bomberman through and through.

10:32 CST: Online is confirmed for Bomberman, plus 8-player local multiplayer.

10:24 CST: The story mode can be played co-op, with a shared life pool.

10:23 CST: After some controller sync issues we’re into the story mode, which is traditional Bomberman with enemies to defeat.

10:20 CST: Now it’s time for Super Bomberman R!

10:15 CST: That’s it for Splatoon 2! Up next is “awesome stuff”.

10:07 CST: Splatoon 2 takes place 2 years after the first game, will feature the return of popular characters.

10:03 CST: There’s a tiny cat alongside Judd at the judging screen.

10:02 CST: All new special moves, including an ink jet-pack.

10:01 CST: Dual weapons have a dodge roll.

9:59 CST: Splatoon 2 time. Talking about the new weapons.

9:57 CST: And Reggie is off! Next up is Splatoon 2.

9:54 CST: The back of the included map has an illustrated version of the story behind Calamity Ganon on the back.

9:52 CST: This time around it’s called “The Master Sword of Resurrection” and the flower is noted as being important to the story.

9:50 CST: Reggie is here to show off the Zelda limited editions, check out our articles from last night to see some higher res images.

9:49 CST: Reggie is here and he apparently fixed the stream!

9:43 CST: Almost time for a surprise from Reggie himself! (That or Reggie IS the surprise, it was a bit hard to tell.)

9:41 CST: Pointing our how sturdy it is, even when playing a frustrating session of Splatoon.

9:39 CST: Joy-Cons passively charge when attached to the system or the grip.

9:36 CST: Showing off some wheel accessories to slot a single Joy-Con into.

9:35 CST: The wrist-strap add-ons will come as different colors, the Joy-Cons have a matte finish.

9:32 CST: MicroSD card pops under the kickstand. They have a 256GB card in the demo unit.

9:31 CST: Showing off the Breath of the Wild box and cart.

9:29 CST: They’ve already unboxed it!

9:28 CST: And we’re back! They’ve acknowledged the stream stuttering, too.

9:15 CST: That’s it for ARMS! Next up is a hardware overview.

9:11 CST: Some arenas have stage hazards – the example being some massive containers of green goop.

9:03 CST: They’re showing off more of the strategies in detail, each character will have its own strengths and weaknesses.

8:58 CST: The crowd will change to support the fighting characters.

8:57 CST: Master Mummy can heal when he blocks, Mechanica can fly briefly after jumping.

8:52 CST: Players can use a more traditional controller if they want – motion controls not required.

8:49 CST: Extra strategies will be supported by individual arm customization.

8:46 CST: Players will tilt to move and use the left thumbstick to dash in various directions to dodge. Also: PUNCH to PUNCH!

8:44 CST: And the Treehouse is back with ARMS! A fighting game with extendable arms.

8:43 CST: A few ARMS character names are shown via posters. Ninjara, Master Mummy and Mechanica.

8:39 CST: The Treehouse will be kicking off with ARMS shortly.

8:39 CST: We’re 49 days from launch!

8:35 CST: Going to be showing off Splatoon 2, ARMS and more.

8:32 CST: Kicking off with the montage trailer from towards the end of the Presentation last night.

8:31 CST: We’ll be getting a look at both the hardware and the software in-depth.

And we’re live!

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