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What was long speculated and hoped for has at last become reality: Nintendo and Koei Tecmo have announced Fire Emblem Warriors, the next entry in Koei Tecmo’s long running “Musou” series, and the second Nintendo title of theirs since Hyrule Warriors.

However, the teaser is barely a minute long — how much can we discern from it?

Not a ton, but there are some tidbits. The trailer really just subsists of the five gems of the Fire Emblem being fitted onto the titular shield, as done in the third and 13th games in the franchise (Mystery of the Emblem and Awakening, respectively.) However, as each gem pans by, a special weapon can be seen in the reflection.

First is Chrom’s Falchion, second is Corrin’s Yato, third seems to be Ryoma’s Raijinto, fourth appears to be Xander’s Siegfried and fifth is Marth’s Falchion (which isn’t the same as Chrom’s). Speaking of, the Prince of Ylisse shows up at the end to pick up his sword, signifying he’ll probably be the most prominent character in game (though that’s merely speculation).

fire emblem warriors chrome

What does that imply? Well, given that four of the five gems feature weapons from the 3DS games (Awakening and Fates) it seems likely that the title will focus on those entries for characters. That might be a bit disappointing to franchise veterans who were hoping for some older faire.

While more renowned characters from the series (read: those in Smash Bros.) like Ike and Roy will probably make it, I’d personally love if lesser-known stars from the franchise get a chance to shine: characters like Sigurd, Ephraim, Leif, Micaiah or — my personal hope and favorite — Hector. Given the Musou franchise’s long history of extensive DLC, however, it seems likely that the game will eventually receive a wide cast.

fire emblem hector

Fire Emblem Warriors has no release date at this time. We’ll be sure to provide more details as they come in.

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