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A new Nintendo-themed Warriors game by Koei Tecmo could be on its way to the upcoming Nintendo Switch, if new rumors from Laura Kate Dale and YouTuber OBE1plays are to be believed.

The rumor first emerged from a video posted by YouTuber OBE1plays, who claims the title will not be based on The Legend of Zelda nor Star Fox.

Following OBE1plays’s video, self-described “Nintendo Switch leaker and full-time video game critic” Laura Kate Dale responded with a tweet, saying his information is in line with her knowledge of an upcoming Nintendo-themed Warriors game.

Dale currently works as co-editor-in-chief of Let’s Play Video Games.

Dale and her team of writers were responsible for a large amount of accurate “leaked” information regarding the Switch ahead of its initial reveal, when it was only known by its codename “NX.”

Most recently, Dale has revealed launch dates for Switch titles and claimed that Mother 3 for the Switch Virtual Console will be announced during January 12th’s Switch event.

Given a new Nintendo-themed Warriors game is but a rumor, readers should take this information as merely a possibility rather than a certainty.

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Written by Daniel Dell-Cornejo

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