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There are many companies around these days that are targeting the retro enthusiast crowd, and Retro-bit is one of the most prominent. With its variety of multi-purpose consoles and handhelds to replica accessories like controllers, adapters and even the N64 Expansion Pak, they have the growing audience covered.

Now the company has announced a few more pieces as distributor Innex shows them off at the on-going CES event in Vegas.

First up is the Super Retro Boy, another all-in one handheld that plays Game Boy, Game Boy Color and GBA games. Perhaps its biggest advantage over the original systems is the inclusion of a back-lit LCD screen, something that didn’t come around till a later revision of the GBA SP. The Super Retro Boy is expected to retail for $79.99 this August, and it will come bundled with a 10-in-1 Game Cartridge featuring games from defunct developer Jaleco, detailed below:

Finally Retro-bit has also received various Capcom licenses and will be producing a variety of retro-themed USB controllers for PC and Mac, emulating the look of NES, SNES and Genesis pads. Each will cost $19.99 and are expected to release this April.

That makes quite a few retro options for classic game fans this year! Let us know if you plan on picking any of them up.

Source: Nintendo Life

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  1. Judd says:

    Where can I find replacement pins for the Super Retro Trio? I may have gotten a bad system or something because after only a few uses, the pins appear damaged, broken or missing. Any help would be great.

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