While the Switch event is a week away a few third party accessory makers have come forward with add-ons for the upcoming system at the ongoing CES event. While a lot of them are pretty generic, a few actually give us a better idea of how the Switch will work in some aspects.


First is the typical carry case, which will likely be essential considering the Switch lacks the handy protective clam-shell design of its DS forebears, and a screen protector. The little sleeves for the carts inside the carry case give us an idea of their size, and it seems like they may be slightly bigger than the 3DS’ carts, but it’s hard to tell right now.

Next we have a travel bag specifically designed for lugging around the full Switch experience, Dock and all. It’s a pleasantly simple solution, considering older Nintendo consoles would likely require a much heftier bag.


Finally we have a full array of charging solutions, confirming without a doubt that the Switch uses a USB Type-C connection. Given the versatility on offer it looks like taking your system abroad is even simpler – just plug it into a USB port and go.

Source: IGN

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Written by Tom Brown

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