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Earlier today, select My Nintendo members started receiving email invitations to get their hands on the Nintendo Switch early. Now just a few hours later, we already have confirmation as to which cities the Switch will be touring, as well as who is eligible to attend. First and foremost, here are the lucky few cities that will be hosting the event:

New York – January 13th-15th
Washington, D.C. – February 10th-12th
Chicago – February 17th-19th
Los Angeles – February 24th-26th
San Francisco – March 3rd-5th

Specific locations and hours have yet to be announced, with more info promised sometime in the near future. Fortunately, Nintendo fans who don’t receive an email invitation will be ecstatic to know that while Friday and Saturday are invite-only events, Sunday is completely open to the public with no registration required! There’s no cost to attend, though keep in mind that entry will be granted on a first-come basis, so make sure to line up well in advance (a tactic I’m sure diligent amiibo hunters among you are all too familiar with).

It’s also worth mentioning that invitees may be given the option to register a plus-one, depending on their ticket type – which will no doubt solidify some friendships while ruining others.

Were you one of the lucky few with the golden ticket? Will you be lining up bright and early to be among the first to experience Nintendo’s shiny new console? Let us know in the comments!

Special thanks to Twitter user @Loading_Time for the scoop!

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Written by Matthew Weidner

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