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Another interesting piece of news regarding the Switch’s price point has surfaced from sources over at Let’s Play Video Games, the website that accurately leaked many of the systems details ahead of reveal. U.K. retailer GAME has apparently been informed of the Switch’s wholesale price and the basic SKU (stock keeping unit) of the system will be £199.99 (~$250 USD).

While this may not be the recommended retail price (the price at which the manufacturer recommends the retailer sell the product), we may finally have a general range for where the system’s price falls in both the region and elsewhere after the proper conversions are made. The rumor also claims there’ll be a £249.99 bundle with more storage space and a game, plus the Pro Controllers will supposedly be available separately for £39.99.

This rumor also lines up with our report yesterday regarding the price listed on the Canadian Toys”R”Us online store: $249.99.

However, looking to the past it’s worth noting that the 3DS wholesaler price was £173 ($277 USD) versus the eventual RRP of £229 ($368 USD), a 1/3 increase that far out-prices the U.S. dollar value. Here’s hoping the Switch doesn’t get quite as drastic a price hike once it comes to Europe, but given that Nintendo doesn’t traditionally set the R.R.P. for its consoles in the U.K. it might be worth waiting to find out more.

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Written by Tom Brown

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