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Strap on your Mega Busters and unmount those Z-Sabers: Mega Man X3 is air dashing its way onto Wii U Virtual Consoles!

Originally released back in 1996, X3 is the third and last game in the Mega Man X series to appear on the SNES. Continuing the awesome action gameplay the series is known for, players once again take control of super fighting robot X as he blasts his way through eight selectable stages, complete with maniacal Mavericks and hidden collectible power-ups, armor parts and abilities. While often criticized for feeling too formulaic, it’s perhaps most notable for finally adding Zero as a playable character, albeit in infuriatingly limited fashion. It’s definitely one of the weakest entries of the bunch, most disappointing with regards to its lackluster, often grating soundtrack. (I’m looking at you Neon Tiger.) It’s still worth a playthrough for die hard fans, but not the proper send-off for the 16-bit era that the series deserved.

Mega Man X3 will be available tomorrow, November 10th, for $7.99.

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Written by Matthew Weidner

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