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A huge lineup of game developers and publishers was provided during today’s trailer announcing Nintendo’s brand new home console x handheld hybrid, the Switch. It’s no surprise that fans are excited to see so many new games ready for the upcoming system, and naturally, the hype is building even more as publishers working with Nintendo express their enthusiasm for both the Switch itself and the opportunity to work with Nintendo. You can share in their excitement by checking out their comments posted through social media:



Arc System Works

Unreal Engine

Square Enix

“We are excited to see the announcement of the Nintendo Switch. We are more than happy to support the promising game system and enhance our ongoing partnership with Nintendo. We look forward to sharing more about our commitment to Nintendo Switch in the near future.”

– Square Enix representative (via IGN)

Bandai Namco

“Bandai Namco Entertainment has enjoyed a long partnership of publishing and developing great titles for Nintendo systems. We want to congratulate Nintendo on their exciting announcement. We look forward to bringing both iconic franchises and new titles to Nintendo Switch.”

– Bandai Namco representative (via IGN)


“SEGA and Nintendo have been great partners over the years, and we continue to with our support of the Nintendo Switch. We look forward to revealing specific game plans soon, but have nothing further to announce at this time.”

– Sega representative (via IGN)

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