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When it comes to games these days secrets don’t last long. Thanks to guides, forums, and walkthroughs as well as all the video content that comes from streamers and Let’s Players most hidden features are but a Google search away, and as a result there isn’t much mystery after the first week or so.

The original Legend of Zelda is a game that thrived on its ability to hide interesting things all over its game world and it’s refreshing to see that to this day the series still manages to keep a few surprises. This time it’s thanks to the Wind Waker, where it was recently discovered that there’s a way to kill Kalle Demos, boss of the Forbidden Woods, with a bottle, of all things. This trick works in both the GameCube original and the HD remake on the Wii U and could potentially be a big help for speedrunners and a fun new feature for anyone looking for an excuse to replay.

Surrounding the Great Deku Tree in the Forest Haven is special water that is vital to a Korok related side quest later in the game. This Forest Water only stays special for a limited time though, after which it reverts to standard water. Now we know that once you’ve severed the vines holding Kalle Demos up and use Forest Water on its weak point rather than the usual sword slashes, you can defeat it with a single pouring. The time limit is a non issue as well, as you could simply leave the dungeon once you’d found the big key and come back with a fresh bottle. That said, it’s certainly going to be a fun challenge to get through the dungeon within a bottle’s time limit.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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