The Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition was one of the biggest surprises of last week, and now Nintendo of America has finally released its first trailer for the little system.

Much like the official NES Classic Edition website, the trailer is filled with ’80s nostalgia, from wireframe backgrounds to a faux VCR blur. This blur is quickly remedied though, to highlight the new mini-console’s HD graphics. Retro fans are also sure to get a kick out of the return of an iconic slogan at the end of the trailer, too.

Be sure to check out our previous article for the full list of playable games!

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Written by Tom Brown

Always excited to see something a little bit different, Tom is ready to report on games of all shapes and sizes, whether they be wonderful or weird (or, better yet, both.) Rest assured, if Nintendo ever announces Elite Beat Agents 2, he’ll be there.

Tom Brown

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