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One of the most important games when it comes to the story of the Metroid franchise is Metroid 2, as it ends where Super Metroid begins – a small baby Metroid hatches and ends up viewing Samus as its parent. This scene, and the eradication of the creatures from their home planet of SR388, are referenced a lot in subsequent games, but the original title itself has never been remade, meaning fans have had to play the classic monochrome Game Boy version to get the whole story.

One fan decided to change that themselves way back in 2008, by taking assets from the GBA remake of the first game in the franchise, Zero Mission, and making their own remake of its sequel: “Project AM2R“. Their effort will finally pay off next month, if an enticing countdown clock on the projects blog is anything to go by. A demo is already available to download.

You can check out the latest video of the game in action below, but considering it was originally uploaded back in February 2014 the project has no doubt improved even further since this was recorded:

Now the question is whether or not Nintendo’s legal team will get involved. As of late they’ve been more protective of their IPs; many fans lament the day Nintendo shut down the Super Mario 64 HD project, for example. Here’s hoping this Metroid 2 remake that’s been in the works for almost a decade is available for quite a bit longer than that.

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Written by Tom Brown

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