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One of the most mysterious aspects of the E3 demo of Breath of the Wild was the alarming lack of rupees to be found laying around in the open world.

While many didn’t want to believe that rupees had been stripped from the game entirely, it was definitely noted as strange that most people didn’t come across a single one while playing. Rumors started popping up around the internet that the famous currency wouldn’t make an appearance in the upcoming title, and while it was hard to believe, it wouldn’t necessarily be shocking considering the new direction they’re taking the series.

However, fans of the rupee need not fear, because Reddit user Saiiqb has just posted a video showing off the little gems. Rupees can, like always, be found laying around the world for you to pick up and collect.

While some may have argued that they were confirmed from the start, given your rupee count being visible in the inventory screen, the method of obtaining them was all but unknown, especially with the removal of the ever-famous hearts.

But now we know! Rupees have been confirmed to be laying around the open world of Hyrule, free for the picking. And you can even find larger ones, too!

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Written by George Comatas

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