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During this year’s E3, Bloomberg interviewed Nintendo of America COO Reggie Fils-Aime about the prospects of virtual reality gaming. While he didn’t come across as particularly hostile toward the budding technology, as he has in the past, he made it clear that it will be awhile before Nintendo will consider experimenting with it (again).


“For us, the technology has to be at a point where it can be mainstream,” Reggie stated. “And then it takes content creating companies like us to really make things that the consumer wants to experience.”

Nintendo is no stranger to the idea of VR. Reggie was quick to point out that “[Nintendo’s] been looking at the VR space since the days of the Virtual Boy.”

Despite that failed experiment, Reggie assured that when the time is right – when VR reaches the mass market – “[we] can expect Nintendo to be there”. When asked how long he thinks that process might take, Reggie made it clear that based on his assessment of the tech that he’s seen so far, mainstream VR is still a ways off.

We can safely say that this puts any rumors of VR coming to Nintendo’s NX to rest, at least when it launches next March.

Here’s the full interview.

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Written by Brittin Shauers

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