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The GBA classic Drill Dozer has arrived in the North American Wii U Virtual Console during today’s eShop update!


Originally released on the Game Boy Advance back in 2006, Drill Dozer is an action platformer developed by Game Freak. Take control of Jill and her mechanical drill as she sets off on a mission to retrieve the powerful Red Diamond stolen from her by a rival gang known as the Skullkers.

Unique to this gem of a game is the fact that almost every action is done using the drill, from attacking and defending to double jumping and puzzle solving. Luckily each stage finds new and inspiring ways to utilize this core gameplay mechanic, preventing the concept from becoming overused and stale.

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Written by Matthew Weidner

When it comes to playing and writing about video games, Matthew aspires to be the very best, like no one ever was. Writing for Nintendo Wire and the thought of one day finally achieving a perfect, no death Super Meat Boy run fills him with determination.