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Today was certainly jam-packed full of new information courtesy of Nintendo! From the large number of features confirmed for the next Legend of Zelda, to the first ever E3 showcase of an in-development Pokémon game, not to mention lots of new amiibo, there was plenty for fans to sink their teeth into!

Check out a summary of what we saw today below:



  • Pokémon

    • Almost half an hour of new gameplay for Pokémon Sun and Moon was shown during the Treehouse Livestream event. In this footage we saw the player start out in his new hometown and travel to a neighboring town.
    • It was also revealed that a new type of battle will be included in Pokémon Sun and Moon; Battle Royale. This type of battle involves four players at once.
    • Three new Pokémon were also announced; Pikipek, Yungoos, and Grubbin.
    • We were also treated to news of more powerful forms for Solgaleo and Lunala, along with in-game footage of Magearna.



That’s all the news we received from Nintendo today, please make sure to check out the individual articles for specifics regarding each announcement. See you tomorrow with more Nintendo news from E3!

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