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Yesterday, we were treated to a lot of gameplay footage from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but very little was said about its use of the Wii U Game Pad. If you were worried it would be a requirement, worry no more, as we now know that is not the case: the game will support the Wii U Pro Controller.


Since Breath of the Wild was originally releasing only on Wii U, many fans were curious if this in turn meant the NX would also include a controller with a touch screen. With this recent announcement it seems this may not be the case after all, and the NX could just have a standard controller instead. Producer Eiji Aonuma has also stated that Breath of the Wild will be the same experience on Wii U and NX, so we don’t need to worry about anything being left out of the Wii U version.


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Written by Jaxson Tapp

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