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The awaited functionality for Twilight Princess HD’s Wolf Link amiibo has finally been revealed! In the world of Breath of the Wild, Link will generally travel alone without a companion like Navi or Fi. After completing the Cave of Shadows in Twilight Princess HD and tapping the Wolf Link amiibo in that game, it can then be used in Breath of the Wild to provide Link with a partner in the form of his lupine iteration. Wolf Link will travel alongside you and attack enemies, with an updated model and animations to reflect the newer game’s style. If at any time you’re separated you can even call him back with a quick whistle, and it was noted he’ll be able to sniff out items for you in some capacity as well.

Wolf Link will be able to travel with you during the extent of playing, or until his hearts run out. The hearts are directly determined by how much health you had left at the end of your Cave of Shadows run in Twilight Princess HD. When those hearts run out you’ll have to wait one real time day before being able to scan him in again.


The newly announced Breath of the Wild amiibo were also along for the ride. The Archer Link figure looks particularly beautiful, with emphasis given to the Sheikah Slate and a great dust cloud effect for its support. Senior Product Marketing Manager Bill Trinen specifically mentioned that these are the most detailed amiibo of any to this date, and it shows. Rider Link reflects this polish as well, with a patterned cloak and muscle definition of the horse. The Guardian takes this to a whole other level with its larger size and design that stands as a pure example of Breath of the Wild’s world. It will also be the first poseable amiibo, featuring adjustable legs that hang off of and away from the base. No word was given on their in game functionality, but thankfully our team is on hand taking plenty of up close photos of these stunning additions to the world of amiibo to hold us over.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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