Today’s Pokémon news upload saw the reveal of a few new faces as well as the confirming some bits of info we had guessed from the last. Welcoming you to the Alola region will be Professor Kukui, the cap and glasses wearing man from the last trailer. Via a video chat like program he’ll be giving you a rundown of the region itself, emphasizing that the varied nature of the islands lends itself to being “…chock full of nothin’ but rare Pokémon, yeah!”. As this is backed up by a bit of info on the official website and it’ll be interesting to see how it’s reflected in game.


He’ll also be the one gifting you with a new Rotom Pokédex, an interesting twist on the device that brings people and Pokémon closer than ever. His passion’s highlighted every time he’s been shown alongside his more casual look and style. Specializing in the study of Pokémon moves he’s even been known to take a few if it meant furthering his understanding.

Alongside Professor Kukui will be his assistant, Lillie. This somewhat stern-looking girl is noted as being a bit distasteful of Pokémon battles, as well as working for the professor for “personal reasons”.


Other than that her love of books is mentioned and it seems she rather prefers staying out of the sun judging by her large hat and lack of a tan. Whether this means she’s not originally from the region hasn’t been noted but it’s definitely possible and would add an interesting contrast to your character’s own point of view.

These two new faces will both be important to your first steps in Alola and will remain so throughout your journey. Look forward to meeting them on November 18th when Pokémon Sun and Moon release!

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Written by Ricky Berg

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