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YouTube user JackTech has just published the second (technically, third) episode in a fascinating new series about Nintendo’s original Game Boy.

The first episode, which was published three months ago, discusses the computer hardware behind the Game Boy and how it’s all put together. Another episode, labeled episode 1.5, was published just a month later, and it looks like the series is continuing with the official second episode, all about the Game Boy’s memory, being published today.


The series itself is absolutely fascinating, calling itself a “hardware autopsy” and using simple, but engaging, visuals to demonstrate the information it’s conveying. And, it looks like the channel was created with publishing this series in mind, as there are currently only videos from this series occupying the channel. However, given the user’s name, we’re definitely hoping to see more from them and that they’ll explore more hardware, Nintendo or otherwise!

The series is currently available in both Italian and English, with the translations being posted to the same channel. We absolutely recommend checking it out and taking a look at the inside of Nintendo’s revolutionary first handheld for yourself – we promise you’ll enjoy it!

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Written by George Comatas

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