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Nintendo’s entry into the smartphone market has proven to be to successful. According to website SurveyMonkey, it’s estimated that Miitomo had around 4 million people use the application last month, and nearly 1 million people logged into it daily.

Miitomo, which is available on both the Google Play Store and iOS, has made its way to the top of free apps. It currently sits comfortably at number nine in Google Play’s charts and is coming in at 56 in the Apple’s app store. While Miitomo might have slipped in the rankings for Apple, Nintendo’s game/social media platform has been downloaded nearly 370,000 times every day last week, with iPhone users making up nearly two-thirds of the game’s current audience.

SurveyMonkey also states that Miitomo made around $280,000 last week– which is roughly $40,000 daily. Furthermore, around 80% of that revenue has come from iOS users, and the remaining 20% from Android users.

It’s also estimated that users tend to use the application around two to three times a day and spend an average of seven to eight minutes while logged in.


It’s worth noting that none of these numbers have been officially confirmed by Nintendo, but this information does give us a rough estimate on how many users have downloaded, spent time with, and logged into the app since its launch last month. The only official confirmation Nintendo has made thus far is when it announced that 1 million users downloaded the app before its launch in the United States.

Miitomo might of gotten off to a hot start for Nintendo, but can it continue to stay relevant a few months down the road? We’ll have to wait and see! Nintendo will be holding its financial report later this month, so we can expect to learn more about official numbers then.


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Written by Frank Costagliola

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