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Despite EarthBound’s 22 year presence in the world, fans are still discovering and sharing fun little facts about gameplay.

Buzz Buzz, the creature that very much resembles a bee in one of our favorite nostalgia driven Super Nintendo games, is best known for helping Ness embark on his crazy adventure in his hometown, Onett. If you’re a fan, you probably already remember that the small, yet feisty, bee fights alongside Ness and Picky in the Starman Junior battle at the beginning of the game– but what you may not yet know is that using a second controller will give you the ability to control Buzz Buzz’s light. By simply hitting buttons on the second controller as his light that shines across the famous meteorite closes, you trigger the option to control the light beam.

Clyde Mandelin on YouTube was kind enough to recently record and share this fun little tidbit! Check it out:

As Clyde Mandelin states in the comments on the video’s page, this ability is no hack; it can work right in the game without any tweaking. So if you’ve got the game and a second controller on hand, you might want to try this out!

Whether this is news to you or something you’ve known for a while, you’ve got to admit that it’s nice to see excitement towards EarthBound still alive and kicking.

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Written by Lauren Ganos
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  1. Well that’s neat they’re expanding the set up beyond SDCC (which fyi, does not require a badge). There was always a crazy demand for the demo room the last few years (homg SSB 3DS/WiiU demo year was infreakingsane).

    This might also mean the play 3 demos for 3 tickets (3 tickets = t-shirt) may be gone this time around. 🙁

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