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Texan gunmaker Precision Syndicate recently shared photos on Facebook of a very unique, and now controversial, one-of-a-kind Glock handgun designed to look like the NES zapper gun. Produced and played with in 1980s games like Duck Hunt and Hogan’s Alley, the fun zapper has been transformed into a very real and intense looking gun.


Since the Facebook post was made, it’s been shared nearly 150,000 times. And while the attention focused on it has remained strong, much of it has been negative. Parents from around the world immediately expressed their outrage towards the custom piece, stating that the zapper inspired gun looks too similar to a toy and that the real gun could be mistaken for a pretend one by a child.

Precision Syndicate has responded to the backlash by making a statement on Facebook:

In light of the “Nintendo Glock” drama, we feel that the media and our fans need to know that this firearm will not be mass produced nor will it ever be. This is a one off custom build for a friend of ours. Do to the thousands of emails and messages we have received in the past 2 days we have been unable to contact everyone in a timely manner, please be patient we will get to you as soon as possible. Thank you all for your support! Oh, and please.. keep your guns locked up and away from children, it’s common sense.

Despite the negativity expressed by some people, others have rushed to defend the company by replying with comments that urge gun owning families to keep firearms locked up, away from the hands of children.

What are you feelings about this? Knowing that the toy is a custom piece that won’t be mass produced, do you feel any differently? We’re interested to hear your thoughts.

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Written by Lauren Ganos
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