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UPDATE (04/06): It looks like Nintendo has swooped in and asked the designers to remove their 3D Zelda 1 remake. Thankfully the team have a positive outlook, saying it was a blast to create and they realized this could happen from the start of development.

You can read the team’s full statement here.

It looks like a pair of designers have taken it upon themselves to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda, both for themselves and for other fans of the series. And their way of celebrating is pretty dang cool. By visiting, fans can explore the original land of Hyrule, right from their browser. The twist? It’s entirely in 3D.

Now, for all you purists out there, don’t worry; the game is still presented in its original 8-bit fashion (think the 30th Anniversary Mario amiibo), so everything looks absolutely familiar whether you’re a die hard fan or a beginner player. However, the new 3D makes things feel fresh, and honestly gorgeous in its own right. The game runs extremely well, and is playable with the onscreen controls or your keyboard.


This 3D version of LoZ was created entirely in WebGL, with all the music and sound effects mixed in with the 3D voxels that make up the game’s graphics. However, this project is not endorsed by or affiliated with Nintendo in any way, which puts it in a tough spot; if Nintendo decides it doesn’t like what it sees, it could be shut down, and its creators (who go by Scott and Mike) could be in trouble. Hopefully, Nintendo will see the beauty in this project that’s simply trying to honor one of the company’s greatest franchises, and let this one slide this time.

The project isn’t completely finished, but it’s got a body worth exploring. And, if you’re reading this from your phone, there’s good news! The website is mobile-friendly, and playable using the onscreen controls on mobile devices.

Keep a close eye on the project’s Facebook page to see where this project goes and stay up to date!

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