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Do you consider yourself an ultimate Legend of Zelda fan? Do you know every nook and cranny of every main game in the series, own every piece of merchandise you can get your hands on, or even have personal real life connections to the game? Now, would you consider spending $5,000 on a piece of gaming memorabilia? If you’ve answered yes to every question above, then you may want to look into game hardware company Analogue.

In the past, Analogue has made a name for itself by creating a new version of the NES called the Nt, made entirely out of a solid block of aluminum. The impressive console went for about $500 and was quite the system, available with HDMI output and hardware upscaling for an extra $79. And now, for Zelda’s 30th anniversary, the company has completely blown itself out of the water.

Ten limited edition Nt consoles plated entirely with 24 karat gold will be available from the company for anyone willing to put down the money for it.

main image Gold NES

As gold is often associated with The Legend of Zelda franchise, this seems appropriate. The console will also include a gold colored cartridge of the original Legend of Zelda game, which only seems fair considering the price of the product. The gold Nt has all the same features as the standard Nt as well, with the internal HDMI and hardware upscale upgrades available (for the same $79, of course) as well.

Of course, as this isn’t official Nintendo merchandise, the topic can get pretty tricky about whether or not this is worthy of being such a valuable piece of gaming memorabilia; however, its value simply as a piece of luxury can’t be disputed! If you had an extra $5k lying around, would you dish it out on this? Or would you instead buy, say, ten PS4s?

With only ten being available, it hurts to say that most of us won’t be enjoying this beautiful piece of hardware. Still, it’s fun to dream– and silently curse anyone who has the money for something like this.

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Written by George Comatas

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