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UPDATE (03/01): Nintendo has released a third video in the series; this time around the development team delves into the dungeons of Twilight Princess and explore its gameplay mechanics:

UPDATE (02/26): The second episode of the retrospective series is up, this time focusing on the game’s story and characters. Take a look:

In preparation for the release of Twilight Princess HD in just a little over a week, Nintendo’s official YouTube channel has just released the first episode in a series of Twilight Princess Retrospectives, simply titled “A Look Back.”

The video shows interviews with some members of the development team of the original Twilight Princess. They talk about their experiences working on and creating the game in the years leading up to its release in 2006. It’s a little touching, to say the least, to watch these creators, who helped build a game we all hold so dearly to our hearts, reflect back on what it was like before we got to play it. Their dedication and even excitement about the game really shines through in this first video, which was really nice.


They spend a bit of time talking about the initial E3 reveal, when they showed the trailer for the first time and received a standing ovation. They make sure to note that people seem to really respond well to the “realistic” style when it comes to Zelda and that’s what helped create the game. The developers mention that, when production of the game got particularly tough later on, looking back at that standing ovation was what helped them push through to deliver the game to us.

They also note that they wanted to really make the game world feel like a whole world, and that scale was of significant importance. I think we can all agree that they were successful in that department!

Twilight Princess was all about making players feel like what they were experiencing was new at all times. Nintendo wanted to make the game experience as refreshing and authentic as it possibly could, and this goal is really well represented in this video. It’s not only a touching watch, but a fascinating one as well, so I’d suggest you check out the whole video below. And stay tuned for more episodes in this new series by Nintendo!

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