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The highly expressive and controversial princess from Sarasaland, Daisy, has a history of making her fans wait for an appearance in games. With the announcement of her costume being added to Super Mario Maker, fans can rest easy.

Daisy graced fans with her first appearance in Super Mario Land, on the Game Boy. Unlike previous Mario games, Daisy was the one portrayed as the damsel in distress, which was a role usually played by Princess Peach. After making a minor appearance in NES Open Tournament (1991), Daisy wouldn’t appear in another game until nine years later.


After taking a nine year break, Daisy made her grand return in Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64. Daisy then became a regular character in Mario sports games and Mario Party games, and has made appearances in over 40 Mario games. Considering her overall positive reception amongst fans, it’s strange that Nintendo never capitalized on this by giving her more diverse roles– besides being featured in sports games.

Daisy fans had a glimmer of hope when she was included as a playable character alongside Mario, Peach, Luigi and other Nintendo Superstars in Mario Party 10. Even though Daisy wasn’t included in Wave 1 of the Super Mario amiibo line, fans clung to the hope that they would see her debut in a second wave of figures. Alas… it wasn’t meant to be. Not only were Daisy fans snubbed by her lack of inclusion in Super Smash Bros., but a second wave of Super Mario Bros. amiibo seems to be all but forgotten. Perhaps Daisy was never meant to have her own amiibo, or the initial sales of Mario Party 10 were too poor to justify a second wave of amiibo; either way, Daisy was pushed aside yet again and caught in the shadow of the more popular Princess Peach.


All the controversy that surrounds the princess from Sarasaland has created countless debates, top ten lists, and comments showing support for why Daisy is the superior Princess in gaming communities on networks like Reddit and Twitter. Fans who support her say her kingdom has only been invaded once, compared to Princess Peach who can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble, making Daisy out to be less of a victim than Peach. Mario fans on the opposing side believe that Daisy’s “voice is annoying” and that she lacks personality compared to other characters. A point that, arguably, might carry more weight with people who choose to join the discussions about Daisy is that she is purely a “clone” of Princess Peach and that her entrance into Mario lore is unnecessary with the existence of Peach.

Whichever side of the debate you might fall on, Daisy’s appearance as a costume in Super Mario Maker has fans on social media participating in some heated discussions.

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Written by Frank Costagliola

Frank is a journalism student at the College of Staten Island and knew he wanted to write and talk about video games since high school. If Frank isn't on campus, he's probably gaming, spending time with his friends, at the gym, or trying to hunt down a rare amiibo out in the wild.