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UPDATE (12/22): The Super Mario Maker update is now live!
Check out the details below, and be sure to visit the new Bookmark website here.

Nintendo U.K. has released a short video detailing a set of new mechanics that will be added to Super Mario Maker next Tuesday, December 22nd. The update features new course creation elements, as well as some useful new record keeping data. Here’s what’s coming:


Shaking a terrifying, spinning saw blade will soon render it harmless, and potentially a lot of fun. It will create a doughnut-shaped bumper, capable of bouncing Mario away at 360 degrees. Let the pinball and pachinko levels commence!


P Switch Doors

Aspiring level creators have used both doors and P Switches in many creative ways since Super Mario Maker launched. This update will combine them to open up a huge number of inventive
(and infuriating) new possibilities. Shaking a pair of doors will turn it into a set of P Doors, which appear in the level as door-shaped outlines. Activating a P Switch will turn them into a functional gateway for the duration of its effect, so get ready to run!



Bowser’s Fire Clown Car

This is the mechanic of the bunch that we desperately wanted and didn’t even realize it. After the update hits, shaking a flying Bowser Clown Car will trick it out with flame decals and grant it the ability to spit fireballs. Get ready for some good old fashioned Shoot ‘em up and bullet hell levels, because they’re definitely on the way.


New level clear data

On the record-keeping side of things, this update will add two slick new features. Every course will now display a world record completion time, along with the Mii and username of the player that pulled it off. We’ll also be able to see who was the first player to clear each uploaded course.

Super Mario Maker Bookmark

Super Mario Maker’s online level search portal, first announced during last month’s Nintendo Direct, has been given an official name and will arrive alongside next week’s update. It’s called Super Mario Maker Bookmark, and it will allow players to search uploaded courses on PC or smart devices using a variety of search and filtering functions, and bookmark any that sound interesting. Courses that are bookmarked online will be presented in Course World each time they fire up the game.

Check it out!

It still feels like we’re barely scratching the surface of what players can do with Super Mario Maker, and with every new mechanic that’s added, the potential multiplies. Let’s hope there’s many more of these free content updates on the way.

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Written by Brittin Shauers

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