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Fans who bought the Xenoblade Chronicles X special edition, which came with a USB-mounted soundtrack selection, could be locked out from accessing a frequently used computer drive.


The Xenoblade USB stick blocks user access to the Y: drive as soon as you open up the soundtrack executable file, likely in an effort to prevent piracy. Unfortunately this change is never reverted, even when the stick is removed, meaning access to the Y: drive is permanently blocked.

Whether or not this is an immediate problem depends on how frequently you access the Y: drive, although many businesses tend to use late-alphabet lettering for networked file sharing. Also, only PC users are affected, as Mac and Linux operating systems cannot access the Windows executable file to begin with.

Unfortunately there are no other ways to extract the audio files from the USB stick at the moment. For now it might be best to keep it as a display item, and buy the soundtrack separately, if and when it sees an official release in the west.


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Written by Tom Brown

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