The announcement of Cloud Strife in Super Smash Bros. came as a surprise to pretty much everybody. Even those of us who were rooting for a Square Enix representative never expected Cloud to be the one.

Naturally the announcement ruffled a few feathers. Cloud is essentially symbolic of Squaresoft’s “betrayal” in the late ’90s, as they ditched the cartridges of Nintendo and made their way to the optical media of the PlayStation to make Final Fantasy VII. Of course the transition was undertaken to suit their ambitions, with CDs allowing more space for full motion video and higher quality music, but Nintendo fans couldn’t help but feel stung after the developer’s incredible support for the Super Nintendo.

Is Cloud a total Nintendo no-show, though? We combed through his history to find all of his appearances to date:

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories (GBA) and Re: Coded (DS)


Kingdom Hearts has had a few Nintendo handheld spin-offs, but only two featuring Cloud. Both games call back to his cameo appearance in the original Kingdom Hearts for PS2, where he fought as a combatant in Hercules’ Olympus Coliseum wearing an outfit reminiscent of fellow party member Vincent Valentine. In both games Cloud uses several of his iconic attacks, and even acts as a summon in Chain of Memories, but his role in the story isn’t significant.

Theatrhythm (3DS)


The music of Final Fantasy is adored the world over, so it was only a matter of time before Square Enix made a game focused entirely on its iconic tunes. Final Fantasy VII is just a part of a greater whole, but it is obvious in both games that the developers have something of a bias to the compilation, with multiple characters and tracks from across the original game, Advent Children and Crisis Core.

Final Fantasy Explorers


Releasing early next year in North America and Europe, Final Fantasy Explorers will allow players to transform into a number of iconic characters from the franchise’s history, and of course Cloud is among them. If that isn’t enough, you can even unlock his outfit and equip the iconic Buster Sword as your normal avatar.

BONUS: Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-


Just a few years ago Square Enix producer and director Hajime Tabata expressed an interest in developing a remake of Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII for the 3DS. The game was originally released for cell phones, old cell phones, and focused on the Shinra Turks in the years leading up to the events of Final Fantasy VII. With Tabata now handling the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, however, we may never see this remake become a reality.

Overall these Nintendo appearances might not seem like much, especially compared to the likes of Sonic and Mega Man. A much better comparison, however, is Solid Snake. The Metal Gear veteran had only four Nintendo appearances by the time of Super Smash Bros. Brawl’s release: Metal Gear and Snake’s Revenge for the NES, Metal Gear Solid for the Game Boy Color, and The Twin Snakes remake for the GameCube. Two of those were distinct spin-offs, while the other two were ports of titles from other platforms. If you look at it in that way, Cloud is actually keeping up appearances.

Could Cloud’s Super Smash Bros. breakthrough mean a brighter future for Nintendo and Final Fantasy fans? Well, unlike Konami, Square Enix has been a supporter of Nintendo (or at least its handhelds) for years now, and titles like Final Fantasy Explorers and Bravely Second show no signs of that changing. A bigger question is whether or not we will see Final Fantasy VII’s world in particular make its way to Nintendo’s consoles, be it the aforementioned 3DS port of Before Crisis or even the upcoming PS4 remake making its way to the enigmatic NX.

What do you think, do these appearances make Cloud more fitting or would you rather we got a more traditional Final Fantasy representative? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by Tom Brown

Whether it’s an exciting new entry in a series long established or a weird experiment meant only for the dedicated, Tom is eager to report on it. Rest assured, if Nintendo ever announces Elite Beat Agents 2, he’ll be there.

Tom Brown

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  1. I’m glad somebody finally made this list because I’ve heard the “Cloud isn’t a Nintendo character” argument to death since he was announced. Neither are Sonic or Mega Man and they’re in Smash too. People need to get over it.

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    • MagcargoMan says:

      Sonic and Mega Man had significant presence on Nintendo consoles before they were playable in Smash. Cloud had minor appearances in some Kingdom Hearts spin-offs and appeared in a rhythm game.

      Reply →
      • RoadyMike says:

        As you can tell by the barrage of likes from me, I’ve been keeping up with the sorry excuse for arguments that the Ness avatar dude has been making. This article doesn’t even help his case at all, it’s cringeworthy he thought this was a good article to link to.
        All of these are cameos, from SPINOFFS. Not a single one is from a mainline FF game or a mainline game game in general. By this logic and context, Yuffie,Leon, Aerith or Lightning could all perfectly be in Smash because they made cameos as well.

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        • SomeUser says:

          You know what? Fuck you dude. I do not give an damn if you babies can’t accept that Nintendo franchises that are drastically different from each other will never be equal.

          Reply →
          • RoadyMike says:

            Must you really make 3 different replies? You can just edit each one in..

            Were are you coming from calling anyone a baby? I’m just pointing out an obvious flaw in the logic and context you’re using to back of your claim of Cloud having a ‘history’ with Nintendo.
            Clous may be the face of Final Fantasy, but FF:VII has yet to make it onto any Nintendo console.
            All of these games that have Cloud in them, mind you that Cloud is just making a cameo in most of them,are spinoffs and some are even spinoffs to spinoffs. It truly doesn’t help your argument at all..
            You really have no place to try and shut me off boy, I’m not the one who is making completely faulty arguments with bad logic to try and back it up

          • SomeUser says:

            I got triggered

          • SomeUser says:

            It doesn’t need to be backed up when Cloud’s the most popular character from an iconic series that was somewhat involved with Nintendo. That’s good enough especially when that helps things get patched up between Square and Nintendo.

          • RoadyMike says:

            Any claim,especially the one you’re making,has to be backed up with facts.
            You say That it’s Ok for Cloud to be in Smash because he has ‘history with Nintendo’. Cameos in games that just so happen to be in Nintendo systems is not history; and it’s especially not history when the game Cloud originally starred in still hasn’t been in any Nintendo system.
            What I meant by saying Yuffie or anyone else I listed could be in Smash is that, by your ‘history with Nintendo’ and linking to this page, is that these characters have also appeared in these games, therefore also have a ‘history with Nintendo’. Whether or not they’re as popular as Cloud or not is irrelevant to the point YOU’RE trying to make, not me..
            Final Fantasy and Square Enix have history with Nintendo. Not Cloud specifically

          • SomeUser says:

            Funny thing is Magcargo never backed up any of his so called “facts.”

            Whatever but Final Fantasy is still involved with Nintendo and Cloud is the most popular choice. Whatever stupid idiotic crap Magcargo was trying to make against Cloud fell flat because he’s from Square not Sony so it’s not too shocking.

          • MagcargoMan says:

            I have, you just make up excuses for them, like your BS denying people like K Rool in Japan when I got up a graph of votes from Japan.

            You on the other hand, haven’t backed anything up.

          • SomeUser says:

            No you haven’t. All you did was say crap from your perspective and what you think about certain characters. King K Rool was obviously voted in Japan but it was clear he wasn’t in an majority at all.

            Backed up more stuff than you ever did so really.

          • MagcargoMan says:

            “King K Rool was obviously voted in Japan but it was clear he wasn’t in an majority at all.”

            Gee, that must explain why he was the most wanted newcomer according to the graph? I guess most voted means not a majority?

            Lol, you haven’t proven anything you’ve said. YOu haven’t proven K Rool is unpopular in Japan, you haven’t proven Toon Link was likely to get cut, and you haven’t proven Lucina was gonna be involved in Fates story. You’re a joke.

          • SomeUser says:

            That was in America remember? And plus I’m pretty sure it was in the Ballot’s early days before all these joke suggestions came and everyone realized it’s worldwide soooo.

            Already did. His latest appearance is concrete proof. The shaky baseless one is the ballot since there is no official ballot results open to the public. The one about Toon Link was only an assumption because of Young Link. You’re taking that seriously. Also Lucina was an educated guess, based off one source I read and forgot about and can’t get it back and speculation. Selena, Laslow and Odin don’t really play too major of roles in Fates’ main story. Of course Lucina wouldn’t of been directly involved in the main story like with Severa, Inigo and Owain. It must be tougher for you, Magcargo. At least people actually like jokes.

          • MagcargoMan says:

            I tried to post this yesterday but the comment is pending because of links, so I’ll modify it.

            “That was in America remember?” You really don’t pay attention to anything I show you, do you?
            The original link I showed you before: atomix(dot)vg “What are the characters that the Japanese most want to see in Smash Bros.?” But you find a direct link to it on the comment I posted it in on the article “Sakurai tries to clear up a few misconceptions about Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS” on Nintendo Everything.
            Another one covering the same graph: On the site Source Gaming, go read the article “Perception of Smash DLC in Japan”

            It doesn’t prove anything. Wario didn’t even make it into Melee. So only now you admit it was assumption even though you spent several posts talking about how Toon Link was certainly at risk.

          • SomeUser says:

            It’s pretty obvious King K Rool got requested less because he is simply not popular nor relevant enough around the world. But make up excuses if you like he was abandoned a long time ago.

            You must be very blind if you believe those are the actual results.

            WOW LMAO are you seriously trying to use the Melee argument? Melee was the most rushed game of the series. There was buttloads of plans and ideas that got scrapped.

          • MagcargoMan says:

            Lol, excuses when I have actual evidence. Roady Mike is right, you literally have nothing to back your arguments but your biases.

            I like how you use rushed as an excuse for everything: Melee was rushed, Brawl was rushed, Smash 4 was rushed.

          • SomeUser says:

            Lol, no. You have nothing but misinformation. The Japanese have much more different opinions and thoughts on things. King K Rool is likely on the very bottom of the majority at best. The demand would’ve been stronger for K Rool to return if he was popular worldwide. Puh-lease As if you don’t use bias in your arguments yet you’re stating things from your opinion with your perspective on characters.

            Incorrect. If you’re gonna do an assumption do it correctly. Melee was the most rushed. Brawl likely was rushed. Smash 4 wasn’t rushed, stupid, it had an handicap because of the first handheld Smash.

          • MagcargoMan says:

            Lol, in such denial that about actual evidence he tries to tell others they are biased for posting proof he doesn’t like.

            It’s not an assumption. You’ve already told me several times that Smash 4 was rushed as an excuse, and that Brawl was rushed as excuse once. Your so stupid you denied saying something you’ve said several times.

          • SomeUser says:

            Not really, assumption and opinion. Smash 4 had an handicap actually. There is such an thing a changing your mind and differentiating your opinion. Nah m8 the only one stupid here is you.

          • SomeUser says:

            Brawl =/= Smash 4

            🙂 Nice try

          • MagcargoMan says:

            Lol, you proved you can’t read. The first image is you saying Smash 4 is rushed, the second is you saying Brawl is rushed. You said both games were rushed. Nice try, illiterate.

          • SomeUser says:

            Well I changed my mind nitwit. Smash 4 isn’t rushed. so no.

          • MagcargoMan says:

            You changed your mind because your argument contradicted yourself and you can’t admit how your arguments are full of BS. You’re a joke.

          • SomeUser says:

            Must be hard for you Magcargo man because everyone actually likes jokes. Not as much as bs as yours. Smash 4 wasn’t rushed. I was emphasizing on how much of an hassle Smash 4 was to make.

          • SomeUser says:

            I didn’t ACTUALLY mean it was rushed rushed dumbass. Smash 4 isn’t rushed. It isn’t Melee.

          • MagcargoMan says:

            It’s what you said, liar.

          • SomeUser says:

            No I didn’t. I was emphasizing how much of an pain it was to make.

          • SomeUser says:

            It doesn’t matter about how FF:VII is not on an Nintendo console Cloud is still the face of Final Fantasy. That would be stupid to put in anyone from FF over Cloud.

          • RoadyMike says:

            I’m not saying it wouldn’t be stupid to put any other FF character in over Cloud. I’m just going by your logic and this article you linked. You’re being ridiculously stubborn. This is what I meant by how unaware you are when trying to make a point

          • SomeUser says:

            Well too bad dude because that’s apart of who I am. So really. But I still made an point because Cloud is still fitting for Smash than whatever that fool was trying to put against him.

          • RoadyMike says:

            Alright, I’m not replying to separate replies for the same comment.

            That part of who you are won’t get you anywhere when trying to convince anyone of anything; especially if they can see your inconsistencies. Pray that you never have to go head to head with someone intellectually superior in real life.

            No one is saying Cloud isn’t a good fit for Smash, what he was saying is that Cloud has no real history on Nintendo consoles, which he still really doesn’t since the game he’s known for still isn’t on a Nintendo system. That is a solid point which you can’t counter by just saying “well it doesn matter becau “- It totally matters

            Magcargo never mentioned Son, what the hell are you talking about?

          • SomeUser says:

            That’s never gonna happen cause I don’t pick fights with people. Dumb fock.

            You don’t understand I’m not even gonna bother. All I’m gonna say is that he was basically saying Cloud didn’t belong in Smash.

            IT WAS AN EXAMPLE YOU I- Know what. Just piss off. Tired of putting up with you and your asskissing toward this focker. Not gonna put up with two idiots at once.

          • RoadyMike says:

            Good luck with the insults and stubborness, looks like that’s all you really have to offer.

            Cloud shouldn’t have had a chance in Smash, regardless of how popular he is. These cameos aren’t ‘history with Nintendo’

            Why mention Sony at all when they’ve never come up in the convo so far? That’s not a good example given the context. You really have no idea what you’re saying..

            I can handle a bigger idiot in two different pages, surely it’s not that hard.

            Sorry to be biased towards intelligence

          • SomeUser says:

            Proving my point on how you don’t know me at all. Congrats. :^)

            Cloud shouldn’t of? Nice opinion and view on his inclusion. In my opinion it’s amazing that opens more doors for Nintendo.

            It kinda is since Cloud shows up on Sony their direct rival than he ever did on Nintendo which is not at all.


            “Sorry to be biased towards intelligence” *Assumed intelligence. I only messed up an point and you’re gonna try to say I lack intelligence? Lmao, no. You know nothing about this entire argument. Stop making stupid assumptions like that. It greatly lessens your credibility.

          • RoadyMike says:


            Well, you’d think that the game Cloud mainly stars in would be on a Nintendo console, like everyone else that has even been in Smash Bros to date.But that’s not the case

            No one is saying Cloud being in Smash doesn’t open doors, for both who can get in Smash in the future and for potential partnerships between companies for games

            That’s literally the point Magcargo and now me are spelling out for you. People don’t associate Cloud with Nintendo because he was never on a Nintendo system. That’s why there’s so much criticism regarding his inclusion in the first place. You back tracked again and pretty much prove the point used against you, you cannot be this dense..


            No. You’ve messed up a lot, if not all your points so far. You don’t lack intelligence, you just don’t know how to make a sound argument or just fail to support one that would have otherwise been a good one.

            I’ve read the whole thread. I know what’s been said and the context of all of it. So I know a good deal about where both of you are coming from, probably more than you do. You can’t talk to me about losing credibility.
            Then you mentioned me for some reason and are now telling me to fuck off. What kind of bs coward logic is that?

          • SomeUser says:

            I’m not! I’ve already known that people wouldn’t associate Cloud with Nintendo but he got involved somewhat. Even if it’s minor. No I did not mess up a lot. Assumption.

            Shame, but you are losing credibility.

            Neither bs nor coward. You’re the one talking trash so of course I had to put your dumbass on blast. Just because you read this one doesn’t mean you read like the other 5.

          • RoadyMike says:

            Cloud is more involved in the KH series than with Nintendo. KH just so happens to be on Nintendo’s systems (but only the handheld spinoffs it seems). TheatreRhythm isn’t a main FF game. Its more like the Project Diva games FF edition

            Dude, its so minor and more of a byproduct that it really shouldn’t even be taken into account. Plus, this article shows FF:Explorers Cloud, which is still a very recent game. That’s not history

            Yes, yes you did.Not assumption. Observation.

            I don’t mind, it’s still more than you currently have. I could simply quote your responses were you’ve contradicted yourself if you still don’t believe me

            Says the guy who called me stupid when he first mentions me and is now telling me to fuck off

          • SomeUser says:

            It’s very minor but at least it has an relevance to Nintendo somewhat.

            *Over exaggeration

            Nah. Not at all.

            Says the guy who was talking trash about me behind my back and is now trying to shame me for putting you on blast. Go back to riding Magcargo’s cock.

          • RoadyMike says:

            Has Cloud shown up in games that are on Nintendo systems?Yes. No denying that.
            Is his stellar game on Nintendo systems yet? No. These games came around years after the original release of FFVII

            Whatever you say man, I’m just telling you what I’ve seen. You’re more than free to disagree
            Ah, so that’s it. Ok, I humbly apologize for not saying it to your face first. It really was a bad choice of a link tho

          • SomeUser says:

            Like I said, minor but good enough. SOMETHING Nintendo related would do.

            But I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that bad, bad link sources? Ok but I wasn’t THAT bad.

            That was not cool. Even I at least say things to people’s faces.

          • MagcargoMan says:

            Ignore him man, he’s pathetic. He actually went to stalk us here because he obviously reads my comments feed. He is massive fanboy who can’t admit Sakurai having made any bad decisions with the roster.

          • RoadyMike says:

            I’m sure he’s not that bad of a person irl. Just pointing out some inconsistencies.I’m mainly just here for the lolz

          • MagcargoMan says:

            He’s told me to drink bleach and kill myself on two separate comments over arguing about Smash.

          • SomeUser says:

            Don’t tell me you’re taking that seriously too. But what I said about you being an mistake I actually meant though.

          • SomeUser says:

            Dude, what he said about the bleach and stuff I didn’t actually mean though. I’m not actually serious about that garbage. I may get pissed off but I don’t actually encourage suicide. I’m not that messed up.

          • SomeUser says:

            Or the fact that I’m defending his decisions because toxic cancerfests like you are gonna destroy Smash’s future?

          • MagcargoMan says:

            No need to speak of your toxic fanboyism, El Projecto.

          • SomeUser says:

            No need to contradict and deny for the hundredth time, El Contradicto.

          • RoadyMike says:

            How is some criticism that Sakurai rarely ever listens to gonna destroy Smash’s future? That the one thing I never figured out from you even after re-reading the whole thread

          • SomeUser says:


          • SomeUser says:

            Also I kid you not he wants Sakurai gone and replaced just because DK and Metroid didn’t get new characters.

          • RoadyMike says:

            Sakurai did say he didn’t want to work on Smash anymore before. Multiple times. Whether or not anyone want him gone doesn’t matter, he probably won’t direct Smash anymore by his own decision. I think it was him that said Iwata was the one who convinced him to come back every time, we’ll see.

            I personally wouldn’t mind King K. Rool or one of the Hunters from the Prime series. The argument people always use is that the characters are there, and they’d work in Smash (though if they can make Mac and WFT work in Smash then the point is probably moot)
            Metroid and DK have been around longer and are still pretty popular, so why not? Except Ridley tho. Too big
            It’s not bias and it doesn’t have to be Magcargo to point this out. I simply see where they’re coming from and agree with that point

          • SomeUser says:

            Nintendo could try. I happen to disagree because that’s their view and Smash can’t be consistent with everything.

          • MagcargoMan says:

            Nice lies. I wan’t him replaced because he dropped the ball big time with Smash 4, and not just his FE shilling, KI bias and hatred of DK. He cut Adventure Mode because “people can just watch the cutscenes online”, he filled the game with a tonne of recycled stages with many characters having only an old stage in one version, he let Smash 3DS hold back Smash Wii U’s potential including cutting characters who worked on Wii U just because they couldn’t work on 3DS, replaced Target Test with some crappy Angry Birds rip-off, went back to Melee-style lazy clones after Brawl made the effort to go for semi-clones instead, made Classic a chore where most fights are cluttered 5 or more player matches, and lied about DLC being fanservice only to add a character no-one asked for advertisement. And every excuse he makes is hypocritical: Chrom isn’t unique enough, but let’s add a Marth clone! It’s okay to cut Ice Climbers because their series doesn’t have a future, but I’ll add another character who hasn’t had a game since the NES as a newcomer! Dark Pit can’t be a costume for Pit because I think it look weird for him to use the Three Sacred Treasures, but I’m fine with Alph using Olimar’s ship!

            It’s time for Smash to get so new blood, so the series can stay fresh instead of degrading like Smash 4 did.

          • SomeUser says:

            Wow you must be an obsessed fanboy to constantly reply to me when I wasn’t even talking to you. Keep spewing out all these bs lies, opinions and assumptions tho. It’s pretty funny. I’ve already seen this for the 20th time “Whine whine FE got too much KI got too much DK got too little Metroid got too little. Oh and how dare Sakurai make an ironic move like adding in Lucina when Chrom was too similar for laughs and jokes! He’s an hypocrite and an liar! He should be replaced for not doing what I want and what I want alone. NOBODY WANTED CORRIN!!!” The fans wanting “Kamui” in would like an word with you. Smh. Also the Alph argument is very stupid since it’s still an ship and it still somewhat fits. Dark Pit never had any sort of interaction nor connection with 3 sacred treasures unlike all the other alts who at least have a little bit of an connection to the source material. Alph still rides an ship. There’s no attempt to try to use that.

          • MagcargoMan says:

            “Wow you must be an obsessed fanboy to constantly reply to me when I wasn’t even talking to you”

            Since you were talking about me, coward, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t reply.

            “The fans wanting “Kamui” in would like an word with you.”

            Show me how much demand there for was for Kamui.

            “Also the Alph argument is very stupid since it’s still an ship and it still somewhat fits. Dark Pit never had any sort of interaction nor connection with 3 sacred treasures unlike all the other alts who at least have a little bit of an connection to the source material.”

            Lol, your pathetic excuses. There’s no reason why Alph would use the Hocotate Ship. Meanwhile, there’s absolutely NOTHING in Kid Icarus that says only PIt can use the Three Sacred Treasures. Keep defending Sakurai’s biases.

          • SomeUser says:

            Why tf can I not reply to you

            Edit: Wait nevermind

            You were talking about me before, coward so I have every reason to reply too then.

            There wasn’t a lot of demand but there was still demand. I tried to post an link but this stupid website kept on pending my comment.

            That’s the equivalent of giving Ganondorf Falcon’s Final Smash.

            But the whole clone subject doesn’t even matter since Alph was confirmed that he was gonna be in with the three clones too but since Olimar was already hard to get in he couldn’t make it.

            Knowing how narrow minded you are tho I wouldn’t of been surprised if you started complaining about Pikmin getting 2 reps. Keep making up excuses to call Sakurai biased.

          • MagcargoMan says:

            No it isn’t. There has been nothing in any of the KI games that says only Pit can use them. Meanwhile, Alph has his own ship and the Hocotate Ship was crashed in Pikmin 3, meaning he wouldn’t even have a chance to pilot it.

            And nope, Pikmin has three games, which means enough for a second character, like how Mother has two and how KI would have been fine if it only had two.

          • SomeUser says:

            Then by that logic it doesn’t matter if Alph uses an ship then lol.

            And nope, because by that logic Star Fox has barely enough for an third rep.

          • MagcargoMan says:

            Not really. One’s a weapon that isn’t owned by a character (not to mention Dark Pit is literally a copy of Pit, so he has the same abilities, meaning using the armour would make just as much sense), the other is a vehicle only used by employees of the Hocotate Freight company that is completely irrelevant to Alph who has his own ship and doesn’t even work for that company or come from the same planet. It’s like making Mario have a Wario Bike special.

            I’ve already said before that Star Fox was overrepped in Brawl and that isn’t hasn’t had, so yeah, my logic is consistent. Star Fox needs one or two more major games before three feels warranted.

          • SomeUser says:

            I cannot picture Dark Pit using that move. Irrelevant since the bike was never referenced in any Mario game at all unlike Alph.

            Your opinion.

          • MagcargoMan says:

            I don’t care what you can picture because I already know your biased when you can’t even picture other things I’ve described to justify your own excuses against Impa and Resetti. And actually the Wario Bike is in Mario Kart Wii.

            It’s funny how you said “by your logic Star Fox shouldn’t have three” and when I said that’s true you just ignored that I proved your poor attempt at a “gotcha” wrong.

          • SomeUser says:

            In an main Mario game, Dark Pit is literally emo Pit. His purpose is to mess up everything and do the opposite of Pit. For him to do something Pit always has been and would completely do in an situation is like saying he would submit to Palutena and be in her control like Pit.

            But that’s wrong.

          • MagcargoMan says:

            Lol, replied to the wrong comment did ya?

          • SomeUser says:

            No I didn’t.

          • MagcargoMan says:

            It looked like it at first due to the comment it replied to not mentioning Dark Pit. My mistake.

            Anyway, when you play as Dark Pit in that one chapter in Uprising, he can use any weapon can Pit can. So there’s no reason why he can’t use the Three Sacred Treasures either.

          • SomeUser says:

            Yeah but he would do the things Pit would do. Also Dark Pit may mirror weapons but it just wouldn’t be right when he even has different stats and such.

            [Insert link to website I’m gonna send on another chat here]

            “Even if a character is highly popular and famous, they might not be chosen to appear as a fighter in Smash Bros because they lack uniqueness. On the other hand, if a character seems to have the potential to exhibit an interesting characteristic, they might be selected regardless of their popularity.”

            No excuses man. That means Corrin, Captain Toad, Dark Pit and such have an chance even if they aren’t that popular.

          • MagcargoMan says:

            He plays exactly the same in Uprising. There’s no reason why he can’t use the Treasures.

            That’s funny, because by your logic, K Rool is just as valid, because you calim (even though I proved you wrong) that he’s unpopular in Japan. Funny how you said popularity matters before when you argue against characters you’re biased against but then change your mind when it suits you.

          • SomeUser says:

            He’s still different from Pit and would act differently.

            King K Rool isn’t valid nor relevant. Like Geno. Keep making excuses m8.

          • MagcargoMan says:

            Keep making excuses to defend the bias.

          • SomeUser says:

            Keep denying and saying that boi.

          • SomeUser says:

            Just let this argument die already. We have different preferences. We both don’t have facts. It’s that simple.

          • MagcargoMan says:

            You don’t have facts.

          • SomeUser says:

            You don’t have facts either only opinions and what you see from your perspective.

          • MagcargoMan says:

            FE not being big enough to warrant more characters than Zelda isn’t an opinion.

          • SomeUser says:

            That is true Zelda is bigger but Zelda not having an new game on the wii u til now which got delayed to 2017, having so much one-offs and is not an exception to get shoehorned characters like everyone else isn’t an opinion either. One can argue that FE was shoehorned but that’s not the case. The fanbase brought it upon themselves with Roy DLC, Roy’s game is stuck in Japan so no one can actually at least like the character and be in an somewhat noticeable minority. Corrin was pure dumb luck on time advertisement. Still makes more sense than Impa being shoehorned in for no reason. But the difference is no one would complain yet knowing the Smash fanbase yeah there will be.

          • MagcargoMan says:

            Zelda doesn’t need Zelda U to get a newcomer. It already had three new Zelda games released after Brawl.

            “Roy’s game is stuck in Japan so no one can actually at least like the character”

            First of all, why do Japanese gamer’s opinions on Roy don’t matter? And I already told you many have played Roy’s game through emulation and he is unpopular due to being a rather poor unit with bad stat growths in his game.

            How the hell would a character that has appeared in multiple Zelda games be shoe-horned?

          • SomeUser says:

            Kinda does because let’s look at Star Fox’s run. It made it to an solid three reps because of how much it progressed with it’s own story. It may not have been in an completely good one but it was still progress so Smash was quick to represent that game. But since it’s newest game was literally 64 all over again (Both cases for Zero and 64 3ds) they basically lost an rep because they were in that position to take away and they would be fine. It’s an similar case for Zelda but instead of take away put stay the same. You’re sorta right about new game doesn’t have to mean new rep because if so Krystal would’ve got in over Wolf. The thing is, Zelda and Star Fox handle their characters differently. Since Zelda’s newest game was literally an hd remake of an game that got represented to hell and back in Brawl they really are fine at 5. But the possible next game would be way too questionable if they stick with 5 reps.

            That’s the problem, not even the Japanese care about Roy.

            Because of the fact it wouldn’t make sense to shoehorn Impa, she’s not either representing something new and I don’t really find her that memorable tbh.

          • MagcargoMan says:

            There is no reason why Zelda couldn’t get a newcomer when Pokemon and Mario did. Zelda had a new 3D Zelda and and two new top-down Zeldas come out after Brawl. Stop making excuses. Star Fox was overrepped in Brawl. Three characters for a series that had five games at the time is too much, especially when Fire Emblem and Metroid had less reps but more games.

            Yeah, more reason for Roy to not be playable.

            How would you know what she represents when she isn’t even playable? Good thing Smash isn’t based on what YOU find memorable. She has a significant role in both Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword. Also appeared in the Oracle games and A Link Between Worlds (but as an old lady not a Sheika).

          • SomeUser says:

            Wasn’t Greninja added in to represent the newest gen? You can’t even try to jab at Mario. It’s MARIO. “Stop making excuses!!11”. Triforce Heroes consistent nothing of Link and his three oh wait Purple’s gone never mind 2 links which are already color swaps. Don’t get why I’m talking about that game.

            Skyward Sword. Now we’re talking! It clearly brought a character that has no flaws making it into Smash- Fi and Ghirahim are one-offs…. What- Ok.

            Spirit Tracks. Got represented as it’s entire stage, and got an attack dedicated to it. Now that I think about Toon Zelda being an clone of Zelda would’ve been awesome.

            Link Between Worlds…. WHY DOES LEGEND OF ZELDA HAS SO MANY ONE-OFFS.

            Which furthers on how the Smash fanbase brought it upon themselves for even demanding so much for an lost cause like Roy. Can’t say Sakurai’s bias when it’s our fault entirely in the first place. Checkmate.

            I’m 100% she did not have an major role in Skyward Sword. Ocarina of Time tho. It proves my point it’s kinda too late for her. Ocarina of Time also had along with Impa who was overshadowed. Zelda, Shiek and Ganondorf. If you want to get technical just the former and the latter.

            You ready to stop this argument now?

          • MagcargoMan says:

            Replied to this like twenty minutes ago, but it has a link so it was made pending. Here we go again:

            Mario, Pokemon and Zelda are the big three of Nintendo. They all got multiple new games (even if you don’t count remakes like HG/SS and Oot3D) and if Mario and Pokemon can get newcomers so can Zelda.

            Why do you think the only time a newcomer can be added if they appeared in the most recent game of the series before Smash? Bowser Jr wasn’t in 3D World, so by your logic he shouldn’t have been a newcomer this game.

            Also, you’ve proven your logic faulty by claiming Lucina isn’t a one-off because of Project X Zone, meaning Ghirahim and Fi aren’t one-offs based on your logic because they were in Hyrule Warriors. But you know who WAS in Skyward Sword and isn’t a one-off character? IMPA.

            Excuses. People demanded Wolf and he didn’t get brought back as DLC. No-one was forcing Sakurai to add Roy. It was Sakurai’s decision at the end of the day.

            “I’m 100% she did not have an major role in Skyward Sword.” LOL. Just go on Zelda Wiki. Her role in Skyward Sword is bigger than her role in Ocarina of Time.

          • SomeUser says:

            Not really because it’s newest games after Brawl didn’t consist of any Smash material characters. That is the problem. Smash does not put series representation before everything. That’s dumb.

            Bowser Jr has consistently showed up in way too much to be considered an one-off or anything against him since he has the clown car to be unique.

            Hyrule Warriors didn’t come out until Smash was already done with development. Also every other one-off like Skull Kid is in there and got their equal treatment. They could’ve even brought back Young Link by that logic since he showed up too. YOUNG LINK. As if your logic isn’t faulty. I’ve saw an lot of inconsistency to try to say Mario using Wario’s bike is the equivalent of Alph using Olimar’s ship. Such “slippery slope logic”. It’s nothing like that. The ship is actually in an Pikmin game involving Alph.

            Excuses. You must be really grasping straws if you’re trying to use Wolf. If you haven’t noticed Lucas was already the pick from Brawl. Sakurai even says that. So naturally there comes an Melee pick and since Mewtwo is acknowledged as his own thing instead of “Oh hey it’s that Pokemon from Melee! What was his name… Mew?”. He picked Roy.

            If only ONE character was the only option to represent Zelda more character wise of course things wouldn’t of done perfectly and Impa’s not in the game.

          • MagcargoMan says:

            More excuses. You like to pretend something has no materials due to your biases and lack of creativity.

            Nice backtracking. Your logic has been newcomers have to appear in the most recent game.

            Fire Emblem Fates hadn’t came out until Smash was done with development. More excuses to justify your bias for FE one-offs. And no, that logic is sound. Both are about character’s using vehicles that aren’t there’s for no good reason. Keep making excuses for Sakurai’s double-standards.

            Even more excuses. There’s no quota on which Smash game a character’s from. Already have two Melee DLC characters so there’s no reason why there can’t be two Brawl DLC characters.

            That doesn’t even make sense.

          • SomeUser says:

            I’m talking about Smash material that isn’t an one-off stupid, lmao these characters are unique I can tell but if they show up in another main game then yeah.

            That was DLC, are you that dumb to try to keep grasping at straws? Has the Wario bike showed up in actual main story Mario title like Pikmin did?

            Bs! I’m gonna give you the link.

          • MagcargoMan says:

            Good thing Impa isn’t one-off.

            You truly are stupid, trying to justify a character using a ship they have no reason to use. Keep defending Sakurai’s flawed logic, fanboy.

            Your sentence didn’t make sense. Why does Zelda only have one more potential newcomer when there’s two unused recurring characters?

          • SomeUser says:

            If only she came in sooner.

            You truly are stupid, trying to compare Ragnell to Falchion. Dude that’s just sad. Olimar and his ship was directly involved with Pikmin 3 and it’s story. It’s not that bad!

            Tingle is an joke and we already got Wii Fit so not really. Leaving only Impa.

          • MagcargoMan says:

            She’s been in games since Ocarina of time. Also, lol at implying that isn’t long enough when you have characters like appeared a year or two before Smash 4 in.

            You’re a massive fanboy, so desperate to not admit Sakurai has made any double-standards that you delude yourself that it makes sense for Alph to use Olimar’s ship.

            Nice excuses.

          • SomeUser says:

            She was overshadowed in OOT and I do not know what happened with SS.

            No I’m not. You’re just blindly throwing insults. Alph being in Olimar’s ship isn’t even an big deal.

            Nice denial.

          • MagcargoMan says:

            Yeah, you don’t even know about her role in SS you can’t act like you know whether she’s fit for Smash.

            Dark Pit using the Three Sacred Treasures isn’t a big deal.

            The only denial (besides being denial about Alph) is your excuses for why Tingle can’t be playable.

          • SomeUser says:

            I’m talking about I do not know what happened with her not getting chosen with the scramble in Brawl THAT’S what I was talking about not Skyward Sword’s story you IDIOT.

            Yeah it is.

            Yet Alph flying an different ship TOTALLY messes up his character. You dumb af. Tingle ain’t being playable. We’ll see who has potential when Zelda U comes out.

          • MagcargoMan says:

            More excuses. Good bye chump.

          • SomeUser says:

            Leave then

          • MagcargoMan says:

            Wow, you’re such an obsessive fanboy that you actually stalked us here? Talk about sad.

            Also it’s hilarious because you can’t accept Fire Emblem will never be equal to The Legend of Zelda or that Kid Icarus will never be equal to the majority of Nintendo franchises.

          • RoadyMike says:

            inb4 he claims that first part was probably intended for me, I just got to into the discussion and wanted to see the links. Good stuff

          • SomeUser says:

            Can you not?

          • SomeUser says:

            More of the fact I heard I was getting talked trash about so I came as soon as I can. You must feel original for using “fanboy” for the thousandth time.

            Fire Emblem is lesser than Zelda actually so incorrect. FE just simply had an advantage since no new Zelda main character came out and they’re not gonna hassle for Impa and Tingle. No just no. The Kid Icarus one is simply your view on it.

          • MagcargoMan says:

            See, you already make excuses. If they can add one-off FE characters that nobody cares about like Corrin, they can add at least one of the two recurring Zelda characters that have been in several games. And no, it’s a fact that a miniscule three game series like KI does not deserve more content than DK, Metroid, Wario or F-Zero.

          • SomeUser says:

            Corrin does not count like I said because Corrin’s still new. We do not know it’s future. Also Corrin’s arguable one of the most interesting lords so. There is no “deserving of who should get what” in Smash. That’s boring. You’re looking at the wrong series if you expect everything to be consistent with characters. Tingle is an joke and Impa…. Really?

        • SomeUser says:

          Cloud is also the face of Final Fantasy btw so none of those characters can make it in you stupid idiot.

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        • SomeUser says:

          Yeah so I already proved you wrong so you can piss off now. Final Fantasy is an popular series, Cloud Strife is the most popular character from that series, still showed up on Nintendo somewhat minor or not. So yeah shut up.

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