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Just who is Bowser Jr.’s mother? The answer might surprise… or, then again, maybe not. Shigeru Miyamoto, the man behind Mario himself, took to YouTube and laid to rest some longstanding rumors about Nintendo’s mascot while also dropping a couple of bombshells along the way.

For example, pretty much every Mario fan has heard the story of how the character was named after Nintendo of America’s landlord at the time, but now we have confirmation that the story is in fact the truth. Or there’s the debate over whether Mario smashes blocks with his head or his fist when he jumps. The answer: it’s his fist.


By far the most fascinating topic was the fairly recent theory that Super Mario Bros. 3– with curtains opening at the beginning, platforms hanging from wires or bolted to the set, and Mario “exiting stage right” at the end of each level– is nothing more than a stage production. When asked this question point blank, Miyamoto revealed that, yes, Super Mario Bros. 3 is just a play.

Mind blown.

You can watch the whole video for answers to these and several other questions here:

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Written by Kellen McIntyre