Pokémon GO Raid Hour for Wednesday, November 30th, 2022

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Raid Hour (also referred to as Legendary Raid Hour) started as an experiment in March 2019. Initially called Legendary Lunch Hour, Niantic set aside an hour on Wednesdays for Pokémon GO Trainers to find 5-Star (Legendary) Raids easier by increasing the appearance rates. After further testing, Raid Hour was renamed…

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Job listings posted for recently acquired Nintendo Pictures

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Earlier this year, Nintendo announced that it had subsumed animation house Dynamo Pictures (behind the Pikmin Shorts) and was renaming it Nintendo Pictures. After a website launch about two months ago, things are really kicking into gear – the company has posted job listings on its official website.   任天堂グループであるニンテンドーピクチャーズ株式会社は、任天堂IPを活用した映像の企画・制作を行います。現在、アニメーション映像の企画・制作に関する様々な職種のキャリア採用を行っています。世界中のお客様に楽しんでいただくための映像づくりに、ご興味をお持ちの方はぜひ応募ください。…

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Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday 2022 Guide

Author: Jason Ganos
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Please Note: This guide will be updated extensively over the next week! Check back often for new deals! Retailers (Click to jump): Top Deals Amazon Best Buy GameStop Target Walmart eShop Codes Top Deals     Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals are starting to come in! Check back often for more…

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