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The Super Mario Bros. Movie is currently smashing through box office records at the cinemas, but not everybody can or wants to make it out to a movie theater to see flicks – they’d rather wait and stream it at home. So when will that happen? Read on and find out:


Where and when will The Super Mario Bros. Movie hit streaming in the US?


Mario Movie studio Illumination is a subsidiary of Universal, and all Universal movies go to Peacock no later than four months after the film’s theatrical release. That means that the The Super Mario Bros. Movie will hit the streaming service in early August at the latest. We’ll be sure to provide a more specific time frame if we can.


Will The Super Mario Bros. Movie be on Netflix?


There’s an agreement between Netflix and Peacock to bring the latter’s movies to the former after an initial four months – basically, it will end up on Netflix four months after it debuts on Peacock. That means that at absolute latest it’ll end up on Netflix in early December.


Where and when will it hit streaming in the UK?


This is a lot murkier. Peacock is available in the UK for subscribers of Sky and NOW TV, but regional libraries between the US and UK differ, so it’s uncertain if licensing will delay the film or be absent on either Peacock or Netflix in the UK entirely. We’ll keep you posted.


Can I pick it up physically on DVD, Blu-Ray, or 4K?


You’ll be able to pick up a copy of any of these three formats soon. There’s no official release date, but a leak suggests a very plausible date of June 6th, 2023.


What about video on demand?


Video on demand (VOD) rentals tend to be available earlier than streaming in both the US and UK, but there’s no official release date. It’ll likely depend on how well the film continues to do in cinemas.


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