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Thanks to a few broken street dates, Pokémon Legends: Arceus is in the hands of a few players well ahead of its official launch day and, consequently, information about the game is rolling out. Along with information about gameplay, the full list of Pokémon available in the game was leaked.

Before you read, be aware that there are major spoilers below. Also, we will not be hosting leaked images due to takedown concerns from Nintendo. While we believe these to be pretty concrete lists, we will be updating this guide if any more leaked info comes in.


Leaked new Pokémon


Because we won’t be hosting any leaked images, we’ve instead written descriptions of the handful of brand-new Pokémon that were leaked. Unfortunately, you’ll have to go elsewhere to see images of these new ‘mons (sorry about that, but we don’t want to receive a takedown notice!). Here are the brand-new Pokémon discovered in the leak. This doesn’t include the new Hisuian forms, but you can check out our list of all the leaked Hisuian forms, too.


SneaslerPoison/FightingIt's unknown whether this is an evolution of Hisuian Sneasel (leaked to be in the game) or of Weavile. However, since no Hisuian Weavile seems to exist, it is likely this is an alternate evolution for Sneasel. This new Pokémon is bipedal and looks like an elongated Sneasel. Its normal form is blue-gray with purple accents, while its Shiny form is dark yellow with brown accents. It has a yellow jewel in the middle of its head and chest, spiky shoulders, a long, light-and-dark red ribbon/tail-like appendage sprouting from its head, long arms with long, red-and-black claws, and bell-shaped feet with three claws at the end of each. Its eyes are shaped like Sneasel's and Weavile's, and have red irises like them, too.
OverqwilDark/PoisonThis new Pokémon is an evolution of Hisuian Qwilfish. It resembles a naval mine, with long, sharp spikes sticking out all over its spherical body. Its normal form is half dark gray and half beige, with two-toned purple accents. Its Shiny form is half light gray and half beige, with three-toned light purple accents. It has an angry face with small, purple lips and four spikes sticking out from its eyes -- two long ones on the sides and two short ones in the middle. It has a short, circular tail with a "Q" design on it.
EnamorusFairy/FlyingThis new Pokémon appears to be related to the Forces of Nature trio. Like Thundurus, Tornadus, and Landorus, it has two forms -- presumably an Incarnate Forme and a Therian Forme. Its Incarnate Forme resembles a thin demon or devil standing in a cloud with its hands on its sides. It has four small spikes sticking out from its diamond-shaped head, yellow eyes, and curved white lips. Atop its head sits a pair of curved gray horns that, together, resemble a heart. A snake with heart shapes on its body wraps upward around the Pokémon's chest and neck, with its head against the Pokémon's. Its Therian Forme resembles a tortoise with a cloud as its shell. The aforementioned snake sits atop the cloud, while the Pokémon's head resembles that of a tortoise's instead of a devil or demon's. It has a heart-shaped nose that complements the same horns as the Incarnate Forme's on its head. It has webbed feet, as well. Its normal forms are various shades of pink, while its Shiny forms are a bit more magenta and burnt orange.
UrsalunaNormal/GroundIt's unknown whether this is an evolution of Teddiursa or Ursaring. Unlike Ursaring, this Pokémon is quadrapedal and resembles a large brown bear. It has eight rectangle fur tufts on its back (that match the tufts on the side of its face, chest, and body), long silver claws, and a more relaxed expression than Ursaring. It has two gray eyebrows, one of which is raised curiously. On its tan snout is a mound of gray fur. Its normal form is brown, beige, and yellow, while its Shiny form is red-brown, a lighter beige, and a lighter yellow. The claws on the Shiny form are also a darker gray.
Female BasculegionWater/GhostThe female variant of Basculegion highly resembles the already-revealed male Basculegion, but has more laidback, "dopey" eyes than the other version. Its "mustache" is also much shorter and doesn't run the length of its body, instead pointing upward just beyond its eyes.


Leaked Hisuian Pokédex


Here is a full list of all the Pokémon known to be in the game. Included in this list are brand-new Pokémon as well as new Hisuian forms. Additional information is located within the “Notes” column. Information about whether the Pokémon was revealed officially by Nintendo or through the leak is in the “Status” column.


AbomasnowGrass/IceOfficially Revealed
AbraPsychicOfficially Revealed
AipomNormalOfficially Revealed
AlakazamPsychicOfficially Revealed
AmbipomNormalOfficially Revealed
ArceusNormalOfficially Revealed
Avalugg (Hisuian)Ice/RockNew form.Leaked
BasculegionWater/GhostOfficially Revealed
BasculinWaterOfficially Revealed
BeautiflyBug/FlyingOfficially Revealed
BibarelNormal/WaterOfficially Revealed
BidoofNormal/WaterOfficially Revealed
BlisseyNormalOfficially Revealed
BonslyRockOfficially Revealed
Braviary (Hisuian)Psychic/FlyingOfficially Revealed
BronzongSteel/PsychicOfficially Revealed
BronzorSteel/PsychicOfficially Revealed
BudewGrass/PoisonOfficially Revealed
BuizelWaterOfficially Revealed
BunearyNormalOfficially Revealed
BurmyBugOfficially Revealed
CarnivineGrassOfficially Revealed
CascoonBugOfficially Revealed
ChanseyNormalOfficially Revealed
ChatotNormal/FlyingOfficially Revealed
ChimcharFireOfficially Revealed
ChimechoPsychicOfficially Revealed
ChinglingPsychicOfficially Revealed
ClefableFairyOfficially Revealed
ClefairyFairyOfficially Revealed
CombeeBug/FlyingOfficially Revealed
CroagunkPoison/FightingOfficially Revealed
CrobatPoison/FlyingOfficially Revealed
CyndaquilFireOfficially Revealed
DarkraiDarkOfficially Revealed
DartrixGrass/FlyingOfficially Revealed
Decidueye (Hisuian)Grass/FightingNew form.Leaked
DewottWaterOfficially Revealed
Dialga (Hisuian)Steel/DragonNew form.Leaked
DrapionPoison/DarkOfficially Revealed
DrifblimGhost/FlyingOfficially Revealed
DrifloonGhost/FlyingOfficially Revealed
DustoxBug/PoisonOfficially Revealed
EeveeNormalOfficially Revealed
ElectabuzzElectricOfficially Revealed
ElectivireElectricOfficially Revealed
Electrode (Hisuian)Electric/GrassOfficially Revealed
EmpoleonWater/SteelOfficially Revealed
EspeonPsychicOfficially Revealed
FinneonWaterOfficially Revealed
FlareonFireOfficially Revealed
FloatzelWaterOfficially Revealed
FroslassIce/GhostOfficially Revealed
GabiteDragon/GroundOfficially Revealed
GalladePsychic/FightingOfficially Revealed
GarchompDragon/GroundOfficially Revealed
GardevoirPsychic/FairyOfficially Revealed
GastrodonWater/GroundOfficially Revealed
GeodudeRock/GroundOfficially Revealed
GibleDragon/GroundOfficially Revealed
GiratinaGhost/DragonBoth Altered and Origin Forme are in the game.Leaked
GlaceonIceOfficially Revealed
GlalieIceOfficially Revealed
GlameowNormalOfficially Revealed
GligarGround/FlyingOfficially Revealed
GliscorGround/FlyingOfficially Revealed
GolbatPoison/FlyingOfficially Revealed
GolduckWaterOfficially Revealed
GolemRock/GroundOfficially Revealed
Goodra (Hisuian)Dragon/SteelNew form.Leaked
GravelerRock/GroundOfficially Revealed
GrotleGrassOfficially Revealed
Growlithe (Hisuian)Fire/RockOfficially Revealed
GyaradosWater/FlyingOfficially Revealed
HappinyNormalOfficially Revealed
HeracrossBug/FightingOfficially Revealed
HippopotasGroundOfficially Revealed
HippowdonGroundOfficially Revealed
HonchkrowDark/FlyingOfficially Revealed
InfernapeFire/FightingOfficially Revealed
JolteonElectricOfficially Revealed
KadabraPsychicOfficially Revealed
KirliaPsychic/FairyOfficially Revealed
KleavorBug/RockOfficially Revealed
KricketotBugOfficially Revealed
KricketuneBugOfficially Revealed
LandorusGround/FlyingBoth Incarnate and Therian Formes are in the game.Leaked
LeafeonGrassOfficially Revealed
Lilligant (Hisuian)Grass/FightingNew form.Leaked
LopunnyNormalOfficially Revealed
LucarioFighting/SteelOfficially Revealed
LumineonWaterOfficially Revealed
LuxioElectricOfficially Revealed
LuxrayElectricOfficially Revealed
MachampFightingOfficially Revealed
MachokeFightingOfficially Revealed
MachopFightingOfficially Revealed
MagikarpWaterOfficially Revealed
MagmarFireOfficially Revealed
MagmortarFireOfficially Revealed
MagnemiteElectric/SteelOfficially Revealed
MagnetonElectric/SteelOfficially Revealed
MagnezoneElectric/SteelOfficially Revealed
MamoswineIce/GroundOfficially Revealed
MantineWater/FlyingOfficially Revealed
MantykeWater/FlyingOfficially Revealed
Mime Jr.Psychic/FairyLeaked
MisdreavusGhostOfficially Revealed
MismagiusGhostOfficially Revealed
MonfernoFire/FightingOfficially Revealed
MothimBug/FlyingOfficially Revealed
Mr. MimePsychic/FairyOfficially Revealed
MunchlaxNormalOfficially Revealed
MurkrowDark/FlyingOfficially Revealed
EnamorusFairy/FlyingNew Pokémon. Related to the Forces of Nature trio. Has two forms.Leaked
NinetalesFireOfficially Revealed
Ninetales (Alolan)Ice/FairyLeaked
NosepassRockOfficially Revealed
OctilleryWaterOfficially Revealed
OnixRock/GroundOfficially Revealed
OshawottWaterOfficially Revealed
PachirisuElectricOfficially Revealed
Palkia (Hisuian)Water/DragonNew form.Leaked
PichuElectricOfficially Revealed
PikachuElectricOfficially Revealed
PiloswineIce/GroundOfficially Revealed
PiplupWaterOfficially Revealed
PonytaFireOfficially Revealed
PrinplupWaterOfficially Revealed
ProbopassRock/SteelOfficially Revealed
PsyduckWaterOfficially Revealed
PuruglyNormalOfficially Revealed
QuilavaFireOfficially Revealed
Qwilfish (Hisuian)Dark/PoisonNew form.Leaked
OverqwilDark/PoisonNew Pokémon. Evolution of Hisuian Qwilfish.Leaked
RaichuFairyOfficially Revealed
RaltsPsychic/FairyOfficially Revealed
RapidashFireOfficially Revealed
RemoraidWaterOfficially Revealed
RhydonGround/RockOfficially Revealed
RhyhornGround/RockOfficially Revealed
RhyperiorGround/RockOfficially Revealed
RioluFightingOfficially Revealed
RoseliaGrass/PoisonOfficially Revealed
RoseradeGrassOfficially Revealed
RotomElectric/GhostAll Rotom forms are in the game.Leaked
RowletGrass/FlyingOfficially Revealed
RuffletNormal/FlyingOfficially Revealed
Samurott (Hisuian)Water/DarkNew form.Leaked
ScytherBug/FlyingOfficially Revealed
SealeoIce/WaterOfficially Revealed
ShayminGrassOfficially Revealed
ShellosWaterOfficially Revealed
ShinxElectricOfficially Revealed
SilcoonBugOfficially Revealed
SkorupiPoison/BugOfficially Revealed
SkuntankPoison/DarkOfficially Revealed
Sligoo (Hisuian)Dragon/SteelNew form.Leaked
Sneasel (Hisuian)Poison/FightingNew form.Leaked
SneaslerPoison/FightingNew Pokémon. Hisuian Sneasel evolution.Leaked
SnorlaxNormalOfficially Revealed
SnoruntIceOfficially Revealed
SnoverGrass/IceOfficially Revealed
SphealIce/WaterOfficially Revealed
StantlerNormalOfficially Revealed
StaraptorNormalOfficially Revealed
StaraviaNormal/FlyingOfficially Revealed
StarlyNormal/FlyingOfficially Revealed
SteelixSteel/GroundOfficially Revealed
StunkyPoison/DarkOfficially Revealed
SudowoodoRockOfficially Revealed
SwinubIce/GroundOfficially Revealed
TangelaGrass/FlyingOfficially Revealed
TangrowthGrassOfficially Revealed
TeddiursaNormalOfficially Revealed
TentacoolWater/PoisonOfficially Revealed
TentacruelWater/PoisonOfficially Revealed
ThundurusElectric/FlyingBoth Incarnate and Therian Formes are in the game.Leaked
TogekissFairy/FlyingOfficially Revealed
TogepiFairyOfficially Revealed
TogeticFairy/FlyingOfficially Revealed
TornadusFlyingBoth Incarnate and Therian Formes are in the game.Leaked
TorterraGrass/GroundOfficially Revealed
ToxicroakPoison/FightingOfficially Revealed
TurtwigGrassOfficially Revealed
Typhlosion (Hisuian)Fire/GhostNew form.Leaked
UmbreonDarkOfficially Revealed
UnownPsychicAll forms of Unown are in the game.Leaked
UrsaringNormalOfficially Revealed
UrsalunaNormal/GroundNew Pokémon. Evolution of Ursaring.Leaked
VaporeonWaterOfficially Revealed
VespiquenBug/FlyingOfficially Revealed
Voltorb (Hisuian)Electric/GrassOfficially Revealed
VulpixFireOfficially Revealed
Vulpix (Alolan)Ice/FairyLeaked
WalreinIce/WaterOfficially Revealed
WormadamBug/FlyingOfficially Revealed
WurmpleBugOfficially Revealed
WyrdeerNormal/PsychicOfficially Revealed
YanmaBug/FlyingOfficially Revealed
YanmegaBug/FlyingOfficially Revealed
Zoroark (Hisuian)Normal/GhostOfficially Revealed
Zorua (Hisuian)Normal/GhostOfficially Revealed
ZubatPoison/FlyingOfficially Revealed


All Pokémon Legends: Arceus leaked information


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