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Persona 3 Portable, like most Persona games after it, has multiple endings. Unlike the games that follow, it’s pretty simple to figure out how to achieve it, but just in case you need some assistance this handy guide is here to help you out.


Endgame spoilers for Persona 3 Portable from New Year’s Eve (December 31st) onward to follow! Read at your own risk!


At the end of December, you’re given a simple binary decision – whether or not to kill Ryoji, the avatar of Death who once lived inside you (the main character). Ryoji is a harbinger of Nyx, the maternal being who will descend and consume all of humanity in “the Fall.” He states the Fall is inevitable, whether or not he dies, but if you kill him then you can erase the memory of its coming from yourself and your team so you can live out your days in peace.



Bad Ending: Kill Ryoji


If you do choose to kill Ryoji, the game will automatically skip to the beginning of March. You and your party members live your days in blissful ignorance, unaware of the impending apocalypse. It’s a relatively short sequence that you can check out with a preemptive save file if you’re curious.


True Ending: Let Ryoji Live


If you choose to let Ryoji live (which will take two dialogue options instead of one as he tries to convince you to go through with killing him), you unlock the path to the True Ending. The month of January and the last block of Tartarus opens up to you so you can traverse to the top to fight Nyx on the Promised Day (January 31st). If you’re playing as the female main character and did everything right beforehand, this is also where you’ll max out your Fortune Social Link with Ryoji. Just play out the rest of the game to achieve the true ending.


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