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A new Mario & Sonic title is upon us, and as has been the case for past entries, some events allow other members of the characters’ casts get in on the Olympic Games. Each of these characters is limited to their specific event, and not every event gets a guest. Getting them to join isn’t tough, but it will take some time to fill out the rosters.

All you need do to unlock these characters is play through Story Mode. As you progress you’ll come across these guests and will have to take them on in their specialty event. We’ve included shots of all of them below, along with what event they’re associated with, listed in the order you’ll encounter them.


How to unlock Rouge



To unlock Rouge, you’ll first need to defeat her in Sport Climbing.


How to unlock Wendy



To unlock Wendy in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, you’ll need to defeat her in Swimming – 100m Freestyle.


How to unlock Eggman Nega



Unlocking Eggman Nega requires you to first defeat in him in Karate.


How to unlock Toadette



In order to unlock Toadette, you’ll need to defeat her in the 110m Hurdles.


How to unlock Zazz



To unlock Zazz, you’ll need to first defeat him in Table Tennis (Singles).


How to unlock Espio



Espio’s unlock requirements are simple: Just defeat him in the Triple Jump.


How to unlock Zavok



In order to unlock Zavok in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, you’ll need to defeat him in Boxing.


How to unlock Larry



Unlocking Larry requires you to defeat him in the Equestrian (Individual).


How to unlock Diddy Kong



Diddy Kong’s unlock requirements are fairly simple: just defeat him in Rugby Sevens.


How to unlock Jet



If you want to unlock Jet, you’ll need to defeat him in a Football penalty kick shootout.


How to unlock Ludwig



To unlock Ludwig as a playable character, you’ll have to defeat him in Fencing (Individual).


How to unlock Rosalina



Unlocking Rosalina requires you to defeat her in Surfing.

Playing through Story Mode is also how you’ll unlock new minigames and Olympic Trivia, so for anyone looking to access everything that Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 has to offer, it should be your first stop.


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