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Square Enix’s next entry in the Theatrhythm series will feature more Final Fantasy songs than ever before, with tunes from other Square Enix games arriving as DLC.

Below you can find all of the songs that’ll be featured in Theatrhythm Final Bar Line!


  • FMS – Field Music Scene
  • BMS – Battle Music Scene
  • EMS – Event Music Scene

Main Series

Final Fantasy

  • Opening Theme (FMS/EMS)
  • Main Theme (FMS)
  • Matoya’s Cave (FMS)
  • Battle (BMS)
  • Castle Cornelia (FMS)
  • Mt. Gulg (FMS)
  • Miniboss Battle (BMS)
  • Final Battle (BMS)
  • Sunken Shrine (FMS)
  • Airship (FMS)

Final Fantasy II

  • Finale (FMS)
  • The Rebel Army (BMS/EMS)
  • Battle Theme 1 (BMS)
  • Town (FMS)
  • Main Theme (FMS)
  • Tower of the Magi (FMS)
  • Dungeon (FMS)
  • Battle Theme 2 (BMS)
  • Battle Theme A (BMS)
  • The Imperial Army (FMS)
  • Chocobo Theme (FMS)

Final Fantasy III

  • Elia, the Maiden of Water (FMS/EMS)
  • Battle 1 (BMS)
  • Eternal Wind (FMS)
  • Battle 2 (BMS)
  • The Boundless Ocean (FMS)
  • Salonia (FMS)
  • Let Me Know the Truth (FMS)
  • Forbidden Land (FMS)
  • The Crystal Tower (FMS)
  • The Dark Crystals (FMS)
  • This is the Last Battle (BMS)
  • Crystal Cave (FMS)
  • The Invincible (FMS)

Final Fantasy VI

  • Theme of Love (FMS/EMS)
  • The Red Wings (FMS)
  • Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV (FMS)
  • Battle 1 (BMS)
  • Battle 2 (BMS)
  • Battle with the Four Fiends (BMS)
  • The Airship (FMS)
  • Troian Beauty (FMS)
  • Tower of Zot (FMS)
  • Lunar Whale (FMS)
  • Within the Giant (FMS)
  • The Final Battle (BMS)
  • Another Moon (FMS)

Final Fantasy V

  • Main Theme of Final Fantasy V (BMS)
  • Home, Sweet Home (FMS/EMS)
  • Four Hearts (FMS)
  • Battle 1 (BMS)
  • To the North Mountain (FMS)
  • Battle 2 (BMS)
  • Library of Ancients (FMS)
  • Mambo de Chocobo (FMS)
  • The Airship (FMS)
  • The Dawn Warriors (BMS)
  • Battle at the Big Bridge (BMS)
  • A New World (FMS)
  • In Search of Light (FMS)
  • The Decisive Battle (BMS)
  • The Final Battle (BMS)
  • Harvest (FMS)

Final Fantasy VI

  • Celes’s Theme (FMS/EMS)
  • Locke’s Theme (BMS)
  • Battle (BMS)
  • Edgar & Sabin’s Theme (FMS)
  • Protect the Espers! (BMS)
  • The Decisive Battle (BMS)
  • Terra’s Theme (FMS)
  • Grand Finale (BMS)
  • The Airship Blackjack (FMS)
  • Battle to the Death (BMS)
  • Searching for Friends (FMS)
  • Dancing Mad (BMS)
  • Kefka’s Tower (FMS)

Final Fantasy VII

  • Aerith’s Theme (BMS/EMS)
  • Opening – Bombing Mission (BMS)
  • Let the Battles Begin! (BMS)
  • Fight On! (BMS)
  • The Chase (FMS)
  • Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII (FMS)
  • Rufus’s Welcoming Ceremony (FMS)
  • Gold Saucer (FMS)
  • Cosmo Canyon (FMS)
  • The Highwind Takes to the Skies (FMS)
  • Judgment Day (FMS)
  • Birth of a God (BMS)
  • One-Winged Angel (BMS)

Final Fantasy VIII

  • Ending Theme (FMS)
  • Waltz for the Moon (FMS/EMS)
  • Balamb GARDEN (FMS)
  • Blue Fields (FMS)
  • Don’t be Afraid (BMS)
  • Force Your Way (BMS)
  • Shuffle or Boogie (BMS)
  • The Man with the Machine Gun (BMS)
  • Premonition (BMS)
  • Fisherman’s Horizon (FMS)
  • Love Grows (FMS)
  • Ride On (FMS)
  • The Castle (FMS)
  • Maybe I’m a Lion (BMS)
  • The Extreme (BMS)
  • Liberi Fatali (BMS)
  • Find Your Way (FMS)
  • The Oath (FMS)

Final Fantasy IX

  • A Place to Call Home (FMS)
  • Behind the Door (FMS/EMS)
  • Vivi’s Theme (FMS)
  • Swords of Fury (BMS)
  • Vamo’alla flamenco (BMS)
  • Battle 1 (BMS)
  • Battle 2 (BMS)
  • Over the Hill (FMS)
  • Festival of the Hunt (BMS)
  • Roses of May (FMS)
  • Something to Protect (BMS)
  • Aboard the Hilda Garde (FMS)
  • Not Alone (FMS)
  • The Darkness of Eternity (BMS)
  • The Final Battle (BMS)
  • Dark City Treno (FMS)
  • Iifa, the Ancient Tree of Life (FMS)
  • Ipsen’s Castle (FMS)

Final Fantasy X

  • SUTEKI DA NE (Isn’t It Wonderful?) (FMS/EMS)
  • Otherworld (BMS)
  • Battle Theme (BMS)
  • Spira Unplugged (FMS)
  • Movement In Green (FMS)
  • Blitz Off! (BMS)
  • Thunder Plains (FMS)
  • Assault (BMS)
  • Servants of the Mountain (FMS)
  • A Fleeting Dream (FMS)
  • Challenge (BMS)
  • Fight with Seymour (BMS)
  • A Contest of Aeons (BMS)
  • Final Battle (BMS)
  • Mi’ihen Highroad (FMS)
  • Launch (FMS)
  • Via Purifico (FMS)

Final Fantasy XI

  • Vana’diel March (FMS)
  • “FFXI Opening Theme” (BMS/EMS)
  • Ronfaure (FMS)
  • Battle Theme (BMS)
  • Gustaberg (FMS)
  • Selbina (FMS)
  • Recollection (FMS)
  • Awakening (BMS)
  • Shinryu (BMS)
  • The Sanctuary of Zi’Tah (FMS)
  • Fighters of the Crystal (BMS)
  • A New Horizon – Tavnazian Archipelago (FMS)
  • Ragnarok (BMS)
  • Heavens Tower (FMS)
  • Sarutabaruta (FMS)
  • Voyager (FMS)
  • Melodies Errant (BMS)
  • Tough Battle #2 (BMS)
  • Iron Colossus (BMS)

Final Fantasy XII

  • Ending Movie (from FINAL FANTASY XII Original Soundtrack) (BMS)
  • The Archadian Empire – original – from FINAL FANTASY XII (FMS/EMS)
  • Boss Battle (BMS)
  • Streets of Rabanastre (FMS)
  • The Dalmasca Estersand (FMS)
  • Heart of a Child (FMS)
  • Giza Plains (from FINAL FANTASY XII Original Soundtrack) (FMS)
  • Flash of Steel (BMS)
  • Battle with an Esper (BMS)
  • Life and Death (BMS)
  • Phon Coast (FMS)
  • The Mosphoran Highwaste (FMS)
  • Struggle for Freedom (BMS)

Final Fantasy XIII

  • Defiers of Fate (BMS/EMS)
  • Saber’s Edge (BMS)
  • Blinded By Light (BMS)
  • March of the Dreadnoughts (FMS)
  • The Sunleth Waterscape (FMS)
  • Fighting Fate (BMS)
  • Will to Fight (BMS)
  • The Archylte Steppe (FMS)
  • Dust to Dust (FMS)
  • Eden Under Siege (BMS)
  • The Gapra Whitewood (FMS)
  • Desperate Struggle (BMS)
  • Nascent Requiem (BMS)

Final Fantasy XIV

  • Answers (EMS)
  • Hard to Miss (BMS)
  • On Westerly Winds (FMS)
  • The Land Breathes (BMS)
  • Serenity (FMS)
  • Primal Judgment (BMS)
  • Torn from the Heavens (BMS)
  • To the Sun (FMS)
  • Nemesis (BMS)
  • Under the Weight (BMS)
  • Engage (FMS)
  • Fallen Angel (BMS)
  • Good King Moggle Mog XII (BMS)
  • Ultima (BMS)
  • Through the Maelstrom (BMS)
  • A Light in the Storm (FMS)
  • Oblivion (BMS)
  • Ominous Prognisticks (BMS)
  • Ink Long Dry (FMS)
  • Heroes (BMS)
  • Locus (BMS)
  • Metal – Brute Justice Mode (BMS)
  • Exponential Entropy (BMS)
  • Moebius (BMS)
  • Rise (BMS)
  • The Worm’s Tail (BMS)
  • Wayward Daughter (BMS)
  • Triumph (BMS)
  • Sunrise (BMS)
  • A Long Fall (BMS)
  • What Angel Wakes Me (BMS)
  • Promises to Keep (BMS)
  • Who Brings Shadow (BMS)

Final Fantasy XV

  • Stand Your Ground (BMS)
  • Veiled in Black (BMS)
  • Valse di Fantastica (FMS)
  • The Fight Is On! (BMS)
  • APOCALYPSIS NOCTIS (Uncovered Trailer) (BMS/EMS)
  • Flying R (FMS)
  • Invidia (BMS)
  • Up for the Challenge (BMS)
  • Somnus (FMS)
  • Hellfire (BMS)
  • Magna Insomnia (BMS)
  • Main Theme from FINAL FANTASY (FMS)
  • Shield of the King – Theme of EPISODE GLADIOLUS (FMS)
  • Home Sweet Home – Theme of EPISODE PROMPTO (FMS)
  • EPISODE IGNIS – The Main Theme (FMS)
  • The Dance of Silver and Crimson (BMS)


Final Fantasy VII Remake

  • FFVII REMAKE: Bombing Mission (BMS)
  • FFVII REMAKE: Let the Battles Begin! – A Merc’s Job (BMS)
  • FFVII REMAKE: The Airbuster (BMS)
  • FFVII REMAKE: J-E-N-O-V-A – Quickening (BMS)
  • FFVII REMAKE: One-Winged Angel – Rebirth (BMS)
  • FFVII REMAKE: Midgar Expressway (FMS)
  • FFVII REMAKE: Main Theme of FFVII – Sector 7 Undercity (FMS)
  • FFVII REMAKE: Collapsed Expressway (FMS)
  • FFVII REMAKE: High Five (BMS)
  • FFVII REMAKE: Tifa’s Theme – Seventh Heaven (FMS)
  • Hollow (EMS)

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

  • Advent: One-Winged Angel (BMS/EMS)
  • Those Who Fight (Piano Version) (BMS)
  • Beyond the Wasteland (BMS)
  • Aerith’s Theme (Piano Version) (FMS)
  • Battle in the Forgotten City (BMS)
  • Divinity II (BMS)
  • J-E-N-O-V-A (AC Version) (BMS)
  • Cloud Smiles (FMS)

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

  • CRISIS CORE Theme – Succession (EMS)
  • The SOLDIER Way (BMS)
  • The Price of Freedom (BMS)
  • Encounter (BMS)
  • Timely Ambush (from FFVII ‘Let the Battles Begin!’) (FMS)
  • A Flower Blooming in the Slums (from FFVII ‘Aerith’s Theme’) (FMS)

Last Order: Final Fantasy VII

  • Last Order (BMS)

Final Fantasy X-2

  • 1000 Words (FFX-2 Mix) (EMS)
  • We’re the Gullwings! (FMS)
  • “Let me blow you a kiss.” (BMS)
  • The Farplane Abyss (FMS)
  • YuRiPa, Fight! No.1 (BMS)
  • The Bevelle Underground (FMS)
  • Their Resting Place (BMS)

Final Fantasy XIII-2

  • Warrior Goddess (EMS)
  • Etro’s Champion (BMS)
  • Full Speed Ahead (BMS)
  • Paradigm Shift (BMS)
  • Groovy Chocobo (FMS)
  • The Last Hunter (BMS)
  • Crazy Chocobo (FMS)
  • Heart of Chaos (BMS)
  • Historia Crux (FMS)
  • Eclipse (FMS)
  • Noel’s Theme – Final Journey – (FMS)
  • Plains of Eternity (FMS)

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

  • Crimson Blitz (BMS)
  • Chaos (BMS)
  • The Dead Dunes (FMS)
  • The Glittering City of Yusnaan (FMS)


Final Fantasy Type-0

  • We Have Come (BMS/EMS)
  • War: Warrior Worth a Thousand (BMS)
  • The Earth Under Our Feet (FMS)
  • War: The White Weapon (BMS)
  • Tempus Finis (FMS)
  • Vermilion Fire (BMS)
  • Soar (FMS)

Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light

  • The 4 Heroes of Light (FMS)
  • Fiend Encounter (BMS)

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

  • Jack’s Theme (BMS)
  • Battle: Chaos Advent (BMS)
  • Battle: False Knight – Motif from “Battle” (BMS)

Dissidia Final Fantasy

  • Keeping the Peace from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY (FMS)
  • The Decisive Battle – arrange – from FINAL FANTASY VI (BMS)
  • The Troops’ Advance from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY (BMS)
  • Battle 1 – arrange – from FINAL FANTASY IX (BMS)

Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy

  • Lux Concordiae from DISSIDIA 012[duodecim] FINAL FANTASY (EMS)
  • Canto Mortis -An Undocumented Battle- from DISSIDIA 012[duodecim] FINAL FANTASY (FMS)
  • Gate to the Rift from DISSIDIA 012[duodecim] FINAL FANTASY (FMS)
  • Cantata Mortis from DISSIDIA 012[duodecim] FINAL FANTASY (BMS)

Dissidia Final Fantasy -Arcade-

  • “The Rebel Army” from FINAL FANTASY II (Arrangement) (BMS)
  • “Eternal Wind” from FINAL FANTASY III (DFF Arrangement) (BMS)
  • “Dancing Mad” from FINAL FANTASY Ⅵ (Arrangement) (BMS)
  • “Antipyretic” from FINAL FANTASY TACTICS (Arrangement) (BMS)
  • Massive Explosion (Short ver.) from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY -Arcade- (BMS)
  • God in Fire – arrange – from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY (BMS)
  • “Ominous Prognisticks” from FINAL FANTASY XIV (Arrangement) (BMS)
  • “The Beginning of the End” from FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 (Arrangement) (BMS)

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

  • Dare to Defy (BMS)

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

  • FFCCR: Moonless Starry Night (EMS)
  • FFCCR: Today Comes To Be Tomorrow (FMS)
  • FFCCR: Promised Grace (FMS)
  • FFCCR: Monster Ronde (BMS)
  • FFCCR: Across the Divide (FMS)
  • FFCCR: Woebegone Creature (BMS)
  • FFCCR: United, Heaven-Sent (BMS)

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearer

  • This Is the End for You! (BMS)

Final Fantasy Record Keeper

  • Battle at the Big Bridge~Ver.2~ FFRK Ver. Arrange (BMS)
  • The Decisive Battle FFRK Ver. arrange from FFVI (BMS)
  • The Man with the Machine Gun FFRK Ver. arrange from FFVIII (BMS)
  • Blinded By Light FFRK Ver. arrange from FFXIII (BMS)
  • The Chase FFRK Ver. arrange from FFVII (BMS)
  • UTAKATA FFRK Ver. arrange from FFType-0 (BMS)
  • Chaos Shrine FFRK Ver. arrange from FFI (BMS)
  • Stand Your Ground FFRK Ver. arrange from FFXV (BMS)

Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Opening (EMS)
  • Prologue (FMS)
  • Trisection (BMS)
  • Apoplexy (BMS)
  • Antipyretic (BMS)
  • Precipitous Combat (BMS)
  • Ultima’s Transformation (BMS)
  • Ovelia’s Theme (FMS)

Mobius Final Fantasy

  • Warrior of Light – Mobius Final Fantasy (BMS)
  • Dancing Edge (BMS)
  • Magic Madness (BMS)
  • Femme Fatale (BMS)
  • Bloodthirst (BMS)

World of Final Fantasy

  • World of Battle (BMS)

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon

  • Dungeon Hero X’s Theme (BMS)
  • Raffaello Battle (BMS)
  • Pop-Up Duel (BMS)
  • Guardian of the Dark II (BMS)
  • Leviathan Battle (BMS)

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

  • Hill of Destiny (BMS)
  • Battle 1 (BMS)
  • Battle 2 (BMS)
  • Doom Castle (FMS)
  • Battle 3 (BMS)

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

  • The Chaos Shrine – TFF Menu Arrangement – From FF (BMS)
  • Return of the Warrior – TFF Menu Arrangement – From FFIII (FMS)
  • Battle at the Big Bridge – TFF Menu Arrangement – From FFV (BMS)

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call

  • THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY CURTAIN CALL Special Arrangement Medley (Long Version) (BMS)
  • Choose Your Combatants – TFFCC Menu Arrangement – From FFT (BMS)

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All-Star Carnival

  • Fight With Seymour – TFFAC Arrangement – From FFX (BMS)
  • Matoya’s Cave – TFFAC Arrangement – From FF (FMS)
  • Prelude – TFFAC Menu Arrangement – From FF (FMS)
  • Main Theme of Final Fantasy V – TFFAC Arrangement – From FFV (BMS)
  • Locke’s Theme – TFFAC Arrangement – From FFVI (BMS)
  • J-E-N-O-V-A – TFFAC Arrangement – From FFVII (BMS)
  • The Red Wings – TFFAC Arrangement – From FFIV (FMS)
  • TFFCC Special Arrangement Medley – TFFAC Arrangement – From TFFCC (BMS)
  • Battle at the Big Bridge – TFFAC Arrangement – From FFV (BMS)

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line

  • THEATRHYTHM FINAL BAR LINE Special Battle Arrangement Medley (BMS)
  • FFVII Special Arrangement Medley – TFBL Arrangement – From FFVII (BMS)


  • Moogles’ Theme (FMS)
  • FF Medley (FMS)


  • Battle at the Big Bridge (BMS)
  • Mambo de Chocobo (FMS)

Final Fantasy Tribute Thanks

  • Opening Theme (BMS)

Digital Deluxe Bonus Tracks

Final Fantasy III

  • Zephyr Memories -Legend of the Eternal Wind- (FMS)

Final Fantasy VIII

  • Eyes On Me (FMS)

Final Fantasy IX

  • Melodies Of Life ~Final Fantasy (FMS)

Final Fantasy X

  • Zanarkand (FMS)

Final Fantasy X-2

  • Kuon -Memories of Waves and Light- (FMS)
  • ???

Final Fantasy XI

  • Distant Worlds (FMS)

Final Fantasy XII

  • Kiss Me Good-Bye-featured in FINAL FANTASY XII- (FMS)
  • Symphonic Poem “Hope” ~FINAL FANTASY XII PV ver.~ (FMS)

Final Fantasy XIII

  • Eternal Love (FMS)

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

  • FFCCR: Sound of the Wind (FMS)

Collaboration Title

  • Aerith’s Theme -Collab Arrangement- (BMS)
  • Cosmo Canyon -Collab Arrangement- (FMS)

Modulation – Final Fantasy Arrangement Album

  • Battle Theme 2 -Modulation ver.- from FINAL FANTASY II (BMS)
  • Battle at the Big Bridge -Modulation ver.- from FINAL FANTASY V (BMS)

Battle SQ

  • Battle SQ : FINAL FANTASY IX Not Alone (BMS)

SQ Chips

  • SQ Chips: FINAL FANTASY III “Go above the Clouds!~The Invincible” (FMS)

More SQ

  • More SQ: FINAL FANTASY Dugem DE Chocobo (FMS)


  • Fighters of the Crystal (BMS)

Square Enix Acoustic Arrangements

  • Acoustic: The Decisive Battle (BMS)

Square Enix Jazz -Final Fantasy-

  • Blinded By Light Jazz Arrangement (BMS)

Scions & Sinners: FINAL FANTASY XIV ~ Arrangement Album ~

  • Band: A Long Fall (BMS)

The Black Mages

  • Clash on the Big Bridge (FINAL FANTASY V) (BMS)

The Black Mages ~The Skies Above~

  • The Skies Above (BMS)

The Primals

  • Band:Rise (BMS)
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