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Sometimes announcements are straight-up weird. Remember when Nintendo spent a huge part of one E3 on Wii Music? Things this year didn’t get quite up to that level of strange, but there was a large number of curiosities — remember Square Enix announcing Project Triangle Strategy, only to drop the “project” and call their epic sweeping SRPG “Triangle Strategy?” And how that wasn’t even the first time they’d done that? Bizarre. Or how about all those cloud version games? Do people even play those? 

But the most bizarre items of the year all had to do with the most bizarre arm of the game industry — video game movies. Seth Rogan as Donkey Kong was weird enough, but it’s even weirder that he might already be slated for a spinoff movie. The beginnings of an NCU? And while we’ve already documented the reaction to Chris Pratt’s Mario, there was one I found even WEIRDER.



Now, I don’t think casting Stringer Bell from the Wire as Knuckles is a necessarily a BAD choice. But it feels like the sort of thing you’d see in a jokey Twitter thread casting circa 2016. It’d be like casting Timothee Chalamet as Marth from Fire Emblem — you can see WHY, but on a certain level it feels like a parody of itself. But as somebody who didn’t particularly love the first Sonic movie, I have to admit this casting choice intrigues me enough to want to see the second. And hey, Idris Elba was already in Cats, and this can’t be worse than THAT.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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